So which builder can you trust?

Written by Bill Payer

At some stage every homeowner needs to getrepparttar builders in. Whether its a necessity or for aesthetic purposes, raisingrepparttar 100127 funds for home improvements is usuallyrepparttar 100128 easy part. Finding a good reliable builder is whenrepparttar 100129 problems start.

Withrepparttar 100130 government's new quality mark scheme now underway in most parts ofrepparttar 100131 country, getting a reputable builder should be easy.

Unfortunately some homeowners are finding out too late that while they are happy withrepparttar 100132 quality mark members work, they are certainly paying extra for a standard of work a reasonable person would expect from any builder.

So what isrepparttar 100133 quality mark scheme?

It is designed to helprepparttar 100134 homeowner find a reputable builder to carry out repairs and improvements to their home. It also provides reputable builders/tradesmen with a scheme which allows them to demonstrate their commitment to quality by becoming members ofrepparttar 100135 scheme.

Whilerepparttar 100136 government are to be commended for tacklingrepparttar 100137 cowboy builder there are rumblings of misgivings from withinrepparttar 100138 industry.

Here are a few of these worries.

Atrepparttar 100139 moment it is free to join for companies with a turnover of less than £1 million. This is obviously to encourage membership but what happens whenrepparttar 100140 majority have joined and they then demand a large annual fee to remain a member? Once you leave this or any other federation you become conspicuous by your absence. Because of this members will be loath to leave which meansrepparttar 100141 cost will be passed to yourepparttar 100142 customer.

Part ofrepparttar 100143 requirement to joiningrepparttar 100144 scheme involves a financial check and validating tax status. This seems to be another method of keeping an eye on earnings and what happens whenrepparttar 100145 work dries up and firms are struggling?

Prefabricated Homes Primer

Written by Diane Takahashi

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what's available inrepparttar area of prefabricated homes and buildings. This article is to introduce you torepparttar 100126 world prefab. If you're inrepparttar 100127 industry, you'll probably be cringing about now atrepparttar 100128 word "prefab". But,repparttar 100129 word is one that has become synonymous with homes and buildings that have been partially or fully assembled in a factory setting.

I for one am excited to seerepparttar 100130 latest versions of modern prefabs emerging globally. They're well thought out, beautiful, and energy-efficient.

And to anyone who has any doubts aboutrepparttar 100131 quality of today's prefab homes, I'd ask, would you rather buy a house whose parts have all been crafted outdoors exposed torepparttar 100132 elements -- by hand. Or, would you rather buy a house built in a factory setting to tight specs exceeding that of site-built homes. I say exceeding, because a normal site-built home doesn't have to endurerepparttar 100133 rigors of transportation.

For your review, here are quick descriptions of 10 ofrepparttar 100134 many categories of prefab homes available for exploring at - in no particular order:

1. Manufactured

Single-family residential dwellings consisting of one, two or more sectional units and constructed to Federal HUD code. Zoning regulations and ordinances ofrepparttar 100135 local Municipality or County might not permit use of mobile and manufactured homes in all areas of their jurisdiction.

2. Modular

Modular refers to a method of building a home, rather than a type of home. A modular home can be built in a factory from a stock modular home plan or from a customized plan, torepparttar 100136 state, local or regional codes of whererepparttar 100137 home will be set up. Modular homes have not typically experiencedrepparttar 100138 zoning restrictions and discriminative ordinances applicable to manufactured and mobile homes.

3. Panelized

Panelized homes are factory-built homes in which panels — whole walls with windows, doors, wiring, and outside siding — are transported torepparttar 100139 site and assembled. Panels are made from insulating foam sandwiched between two layers of structural material. The panels are lightweight and might already be filled with insulation when they arrive onrepparttar 100140 site. The homes must meetrepparttar 100141 state or local building codes of where they are sited.

4. Steel-frame

Steel framing is an equivalent to conventional stick frame or post & beam home design whererepparttar 100142 structural lumber is replaced by steel studs and trusses or steel posts and beams. Light-Gauge Framing System features screw-together, galvanized stud-and-truss, grid-type construction system built on 4-foot center.Red-Iron Metal Post & Beam Systems features bolt-together, pre-engineered post-and-beam-type framing system that usesrepparttar 100143 red-iron steel "C" beams on 8-foot center. The prefabricated home built with this method can be single-story, two-story, and even tri-level home.

Unlike conventional wood framed home that requires interior walls to supportrepparttar 100144 roof,repparttar 100145 higher strength-to-weight ratio of steel house allows to span greater distances with less material and fewer supports. The result is higher floor layout and interior design flexibility.

Unlike wood, steel won't shrink, rot, warp, buckle, split, or be attacked by insects. This results in greater durability, lower long-term maintenance, higher energy efficiency and overall greater quality of this prefabricated home.

5. Precut

This category includes wood-framed factory-built houses or cabins where building materials are factory-cut to design specifications and transported torepparttar 100146 site to be assembled. presents prefab building kits designed as wood-framed (also known as balloon-frame, 2 x 4, 2 x 6 or stick-built construction) as well as prefabricated home kit/cabin kit using post-frame method. The homes or cabins must meet local or state building codes ofrepparttar 100147 area where they will be sited.

6. Cedar

According to Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, “Cedar is aromatic to people, and problematic to insects: The heartwood of northern white cedar produces organic compounds called thujaplicins – which create that fresh, pleasant cedar aroma. But to insect pests, such as moths and termites, cedar just plain stinks. They’ll avoid cedar homes and instead search out inviting, tasty pine structures.“

Cedar home kits include everything you need to buildrepparttar 100148 home, itself. That is to say,repparttar 100149 walls,repparttar 100150 floor,repparttar 100151 ceiling,repparttar 100152 windows and doors. But your foundation, plumbing and electrical system are not usually included in a kit.

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