So You Want to be a Chef?

Written by Adam Fletcher

Chefs often question, warn, or even outright discourage individuals from seeking to join their ranks. I believe this emanates fromrepparttar people frustrated with their dead-end, cubicle-trapped jobs, plopped on their Sunday couches watching Emeril “bam” his way through a couple dishes, and saying to themselves: “I could do that.” These amateur cooks naively believe that there is a correlation between preparing homemade or TV meals andrepparttar 149625 professional kitchen. Worse yet, they may have stars in their eyes. My friend Claudia who teaches culinary journalism, often comments about howrepparttar 149626 pupils in her class “all think they’re gonna berepparttar 149627 next Ruth Reichl.”

I don’t think it’s these individuals’ dreams per se that rufflerepparttar 149628 feathers of culinary professionals. Rather, I believe it is their lack of appreciation forrepparttar 149629 incredible amount of difficulty that lies ahead to even come within sight, if ever, of such aspirations. Even people with no goals of stardom, who just wish to cook professionally, may lack an appreciation forrepparttar 149630 disparity between their home kitchen andrepparttar 149631 real world. Network and Web I am not here to discourage anybody. I am simply going to give yourepparttar 149632 naked truth. You decide what to do with it. Forget being a celebrity chef forrepparttar 149633 moment. If you just simply aspire to be a professional chef, expect years of working 50+ hours a week, nights, weekends and holidays, for limited pay, in high stress situations. New Users

Still not discouraged? OK, let’s start atrepparttar 149634 beginning. Should you attend culinary school? Well, it’s not absolutely necessary. Experience isrepparttar 149635 ultimate teacher. But education coupled with experience is even better. But here’s another point of contention with professional chefs. They abhor people fresh out of school who think they know it all. Learning about a dish and making it once or twice in school is nothing compared torepparttar 149636 person who’s done it 400 times. Although there’s a cerebral component, learning how to cook requiresrepparttar 149637 acquisition of numerous physical skills. These skills can only be successfully achieved from repeatedly performing them. Schooling will give you a good platform from which to begin, and make you more hirable. But it is onlyrepparttar 149638 start.

Next, you won’t go from school to behindrepparttar 149639 line making entrees. Oh no. You will do more than your share of “scut work” first. Forget your homemade meatloaf and potatoes. Think standing on your feet for hours on end filling raviolis, cleaning artichokes, peeling boxes of asparagus, gutting 50 lobsters, etc., and being expected to perform these monotonous, mechanistic chores with assembly line speed and accuracy. Setup and Deployment

Lead Companies, 8 Features to Consider

Written by Jay Conners

Lead Companies, 8 Features to Consider/By J.Conners

So nowrepparttar time has come to invest in Lead companies, but how do you know which one isrepparttar 149624 right one for you?

When I was a new loan officer, finding a lead company was not easy, I can remember logging onto Yahoo, typing inrepparttar 149625 key word “mortgage leads” and being bombarded with links leading me inrepparttar 149626 direction of lead companies all claiming to haverepparttar 149627 best leads andrepparttar 149628 best deal for me!

But what wasrepparttar 149629 best deal for me? That all depended on what I was looking for, so taking my time, I began to right down exactly what it was I was looking for, did I want refi’s, purchases, or both. Did I want leads from several states or just one, how much could I afford? Etc., etc.

Before I invested any money, I decided I was really going to do my home work, I went to sites ofrepparttar 149630 companies I was considering to read their terms and conditions, I spoke with reps in their customer service department and asked many questions, I went to lead site reviews posted onrepparttar 149631 web to see what kind of experience other loan officers had withrepparttar 149632 companies I was considering.

One thing to keep in mind, No lead company can guarantee you a 100% closure ratio, and they are very up front about that, if that is what you are looking for, you can end your search now.

Still with me? Good!

Here are a few things to consider before committing

1) Pricing

If you are on a tight budget, and have, lets say, $100.00 to spend, you will have to narrow your search torepparttar 149633 lead companies that accept a $100.00 or lower minimum or will meet whatever spending limit you have set for yourself. Some companies have deposit requirements, not allowing you to deposit less than $500.00, so this would not berepparttar 149634 company for you.

2) Lead Generation

Find out whererepparttar 149635 company is generating their leads from. Some companies recycle their leads and sell them many time over. They also buy their leads in bulk off of other companies and resell them, so make sure you ask this very important question up front.

3) Return Policy

Look for a company with a liberal return policy,repparttar 149636 best way to find out this information is through lead site reviews. If you receive a lead with bogus contact information, there is no reason why you should not get your money back.

4) Quantity vs. Quality

Be careful when you buy in bulk, when you can spend $100.00 and receive 50 leads, chances arerepparttar 149637 leads are old and are being recycled, andrepparttar 149638 closing ratio isn’t so good. If you can spend $100.00 and receive five to ten fresh leads, you may be better off, and also have a much better closure ratio.

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