So You Want to Be A Speaker?

Written by Cathleen Fillmore

Like many people, you’re intrigued byrepparttar speaking profession. So was I. Ten years ago, I was teaching English as a Second Language to adult immigrants and bored silly. I was looking around for a profession that would supplement my income.

When my friend Danniel Star took a leave of absence from his teaching job, he started speaking to groups. He was getting paid more as a speaker than as a teacher and he got to repeat his material! Sounded good to me.

Danniel’s first year as a speaker was a little lean financially, though. When his leave of absence was over, his old employer called him in for a new opening for a part-time position. Danniel agreed to an interview and then later called to cancel it.

I thought he was nuts! I said “Danniel, you know speaking is not that secure a profession. It’s good to have something to fall back on!” And he said something that changed my life.

He said, “Cathleen, when you have something to fall back on, you fall back!”

It rang so true! I saw immediately and with a shock thatrepparttar 123878 teaching job that I thought provided a financial cushion in fact was holding me back from pursuing my true talents and interests.

Or, as Robert Allen,repparttar 123879 author of Multiple Streams of Income puts it: “You can takerepparttar 123880 door marked ‘security’ orrepparttar 123881 door marked ‘freedom’. Just remember thatrepparttar 123882 door marked ‘security’ lies. The only security is found within yourself.”

"Recognize the Expert Within You - Passionate Knowledge Can Lead to Wealth"

Written by Dave Hertner

I want to start this article off by telling you that you are an expert. Most people out there would initially disagree with this statement. I am here to prove to you that there is a wealth of information locked inside your brain that thousands of others would love to uncover !! The key to uncovering your valuable hidden knowledge is knowing your passion. It's that simple !! Every one of us has a deep passion that revolves around something. It could be your job, a hobby, a sport, politics or your family. Any activity that absolutely turns your crank, is perfect raw material that can be turned into a steady stream of cash. Let's think about what I just told you. I'm going to provide you a formula that will tap intorepparttar knowledge that you ALREADY have that can make you a great deal of money. All you have to do is recognize it and write it down !! The best way that I have found to identify your passion is to think about a conversational situation where you found yourself talking someone's ear off. It may sound silly but this is a situation where you are passionately trying to convey an idea. For you to be passionate about a subject you have to have intimate knowledge and you are probably an authority onrepparttar 123877 subject. You simply do not recognize it. Now that we have identified your passion we need to harness its potential. Your passion andrepparttar 123878 information surrounding it, needs to be written down and then be formed into a saleable product. I call this 'Breakingrepparttar 123879 Idea Out'. Take a notebook and state what your passion is onrepparttar 123880 first page. On a separate piece of paper, list every little thing that you can think of that pertains to that passion. Try to do this in a start to finish order if you can as it helps in pulling it all together later. Each one of these listings should then be transferred to a separate page inrepparttar 123881 notebook. These will berepparttar 123882 main

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