So...You're coming to Africa for the FIFA World Cup!

Written by Gregory Hudson

Here's what to expect when you get offrepparttar plane... inrepparttar 138831 year 2010...

Well for one thing, get used torepparttar 138832 “Vuvuzelas”; you're going to be hearing a lot of them. Come to think of it, you might as well get one for yourself. Asrepparttar 138833 old saying goes...“if you can't beat em, you'd better join em”.

What is a Vuvuzela anyway? Roughly translated it means “noise maker”, which describes exactly what these elongated indigenous trumpets do. Recognized as a popular symbol of our soccer crazed culture, Nelson Mandela ordered hundreds of Vuvuzelas to be taken to Zurich in support of South Africa's bid forrepparttar 138834 2010 Soccer World Cup. So far, they seem to have worked like a charm.

Now that South Africa's gotrepparttar 138835 ball, what are we going to do with it?

For starters, President Thabo Mbeki plans on kicking around at least 100 billion Rand in honour ofrepparttar 138836 beautiful game. Thirteen stadiums have been proposed, with venues located in key cities aroundrepparttar 138837 country, five of which are inrepparttar 138838 process of being built, another five are being renovated and a further three are almost ready.

Making sure transport is up to scratch, 700 dedicated World Cup buses are expected to operate betweenrepparttar 138839 venue cities. At least 250 coaches, dedicated torepparttar 138840 World Cup, will offer long-distance links betweenrepparttar 138841 venues. In addition, special rail services are ready to transport fans torepparttar 138842 thirteen state-of-the-art stadiums acrossrepparttar 138843 country.

A quick profile ofrepparttar 138844 three major host cities:

First stop! Jo'burg's Soccer City

Your first World Cup destination will in all likelihood be in Johannesburg, whererepparttar 138845 opening match will be played. The city of Johannesburg has already hosted several large sporting events. The Rugby World Cup final, played at Ellis Park andrepparttar 138846 final ofrepparttar 138847 African Cup of Nations, which took place at Soccer City. You can expect modern venues with allrepparttar 138848 trimmings. The first matches will be played between both of these world-class venues. The opening match at Soccer City, otherwise known asrepparttar 138849 FNB Stadium, will markrepparttar 138850 start ofrepparttar 138851 tournament. The other venue isrepparttar 138852 94,000 seat Ellis Park Stadium, which is a mere 15 minute walking distance fromrepparttar 138853 City Centre.

Here's a tip on where to accommodate yourself on World Cup kick-off day: FIFA's headquarters are going to be based inrepparttar 138854 suburb of Sandton, with games being played betweenrepparttar 138855 two venues, Ellis Park and Soccer City. It might be a good idea to find accommodation betweenrepparttar 138856 two stadiums, namely Sandton if possible, this will ensure you have convenient access torepparttar 138857 venues.

Which city hostsrepparttar 138858 next game?

Although nobody knows for sure at this stage, it's highly likely that Cape Town's Newlands Stadium will be hostingrepparttar 138859 first and second round matches ofrepparttar 138860 World Cup. Cape Town or justrepparttar 138861 “beautiful city” is no doubt a venue that has it all. The city sports a vibrant array of beaches, mountains, wine estates and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Conference of HEDNA 2005 in Barcelona

Written by Ana Rodriguez

Nowadaysrepparttar tourists prefer to organize their vacations on their own to reducedrepparttar 138771 prices

“30 % ofrepparttar 138772 purchases made by tourists in 2004 include some product of packaging". The 79 % of these travellers elaborated by itself their package, according to Christine Brosnahan, vice-president of Distribution and Reserve Services Department ofrepparttar 138773 Carlson Hotels Worldwide, said inrepparttar 138774 conference ofrepparttar 138775 Hotels Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) celebrated in Barcelona fromrepparttar 138776 8 torepparttar 138777 10 of May. The tendency for leisure tourists is to organize vacations their own with "Dynamic Packaging", contracting different suppliers asrepparttar 138778 hotel,repparttar 138779 airplane ticket andrepparttar 138780 car rental.

This tendency is favoured byrepparttar 138781 existence of a "extensive discounted price offers" inrepparttar 138782 tourist market, circumstance that " reducesrepparttar 138783 brand importance", in favour of “the best price", as it affirmed Henry h. Harteveldt, vice-president of Forrester Research.

David V. Jones, representative of Amadeus Global Travel Distribution, centred its intervention inrepparttar 138784 "Challenge ofrepparttar 138785 Multi-channel ", when considering thatrepparttar 138786 wide existence of direct channels (hotel websites, Central Booking Departments, or Call Centre) and indirect (On Line Travel agencies, Tour operators, traditional travel agencies, etc) requires a unification of prices and channels, "because although 43% ofrepparttar 138787 hotels assure that they offerrepparttar 138788 lowest price, big variations are appraised among them" (Source: Global Distribution Hotel).

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