So Where Do You Fit In?

Written by Cathy Bryant

So Where Do You Fit In? by Cathy Bryant Copyright 2003

Many of you reading this are working full-time, with a dream to eventually leave your job for complete independence from home. Some of you are also working at a home-based business; others are exploringrepparttar idea of one.

Others are working part-time outsiderepparttar 117356 home, and supplementing your income with a part-time home-based business.

Still others are unemployed outsiderepparttar 117357 home, either voluntarily or involuntarily. You may or may not currently be working on your own business.

I have so many people who write me to tell me that they'd really like to start a business of their own but they just don't haverepparttar 117358 money to do so. You can start your business from scratch - but it can be really frustrating to have to work so hard at something with no return because you're having to funnel allrepparttar 117359 money you've earned back intorepparttar 117360 business. Without any working capital at all, most people simply give up and think they can't make a go of it.

Well, have you ever thought about possibly getting a part-time job solely forrepparttar 117361 purpose of funding your business? I know what you're saying (especially if you already work full-time) -

"Then I'd never haverepparttar 117362 time to work atrepparttar 117363 business."

Well, that may very well be true - inrepparttar 117364 short term. But if home-business success is truly important to you, then perhaps you should consider this -

Get that part-time job. Take your earnings and invest them in some short-term investments (CD's, for example). Continue to work atrepparttar 117365 job - BUT DON'T SPEND THE MONEY - and grow your business nest egg. During this time, continue to research your home business options.

Baby Steps To Business Success

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: You can do, be and have, anything you want. As long as you get started. Take baby steps: one tiny step after another, even when you have no real idea of how you're going to get to your destination, beyondrepparttar 117355 next step.

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Baby Steps To Business Success

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

You can do, be and have, anything you want. As long as you get started. Take baby steps: one tiny step after another, even when you have no real idea of how you're going to get to your destination, beyondrepparttar 117356 next step.

Taking baby steps involves faith, but faith isn't something you have. It's something you do. Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says: "faith is about realizing that we don't have to be defined byrepparttar 117357 circumstances we find ourselves in. It's seeing that our lives are a lot bigger, filled with far more potential than we usually imagine… we can step intorepparttar 117358 unknown and make a new beginning." (Fromrepparttar 117359 article "Findingrepparttar 117360 Connection" in The Oprah Magazine, September 2002.)

So how do you do this?

==> One: Decide on your destination

Ifrepparttar 117361 journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, you need to decide where you're headed.

Where are you going? What do you want? If you want to own your own business, decide that that's your destination. If you want to write a book, decide that that's what you want to do.

Sometimes we're so scared of failing, that we don’t make that initial commitment, that decision. We never say: "This is what I want".

Decide. Right now. And write down your decision. Buy a small notebook, or open a new computer file. When you write it down, both left and right parts of your brain take notice.

If you feel nervous, reassure yourself that all you're going to do is take baby steps. One teeny step at a time, just whatever feels right for you inrepparttar 117362 moment. You won't ever ask yourself to do anything you are not capable of doing inrepparttar 117363 next moment.

==> Two: Wait for your intuition to guide you torepparttar 117364 next step

Remember that still small voice within you?

That still small voice isn'trepparttar 117365 Spoiler. The Spoiler is a negative demon. It says: "you can't; you shouldn't; you won't; it's too hard; you'll never get there; who do you think you are?"

The knack to handlingrepparttar 117366 Spoiler is recognizing it when it chirps up. Here's a cute imaginative exercise to mufflerepparttar 117367 Spoiler.

Close your eyes for a moment and imaginerepparttar 117368 Spoiler. What does it look like? Is it big, with a bulging head and massive eyebrows, and --- what's your image ofrepparttar 117369 Spoiler?

When you can seerepparttar 117370 Spoiler in your mind's eye, imagine it shrinking. It's shrinking until it's tiny. It fits inrepparttar 117371 palm of your hand. Now pick it up and pop it into a jar, or a box. Something with a lid. Screwrepparttar 117372 lid ontorepparttar 117373 jar, or closerepparttar 117374 lid and lock it.

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