So What's Your Excuse?

Written by Maria Marsala

I'm not sure whatrepparttar history of "excuses" is, except to know that a majority ofrepparttar 101952 time excuses equal some sort of self-dishonesty.

They're part of what we thought we "should do" vs. being a "must do"! Excuses come from us not being able to take our own "no's". They're what we say to people so that we "don't hurt their feelings". Excuses are what we say so that others don't hurt us. Excuses are part of what we're tolerating in our life (that which draws out our energy and squashes it)!

Excuses come back to haunt us unless we look at them as gifts from clients or friends or ourselves. Have you ever received an excuse for "something" and thought -- Is that person kidding with that excuse? Why didn't they just say NO? OH! ... I am doingrepparttar 101953 same thing to "so and so".

Say NO!!! Sometimes saying "NO" to someone means saying "YES" to someone even more important -- YOU!

What can you do when you give someone a "no" that they don't

How To Invest In Offshore Or Internet Programs

Written by Ray Ogden

My financial objective is to quadruple my money every year. To do so,repparttar programs I participate in should be able to produce, on average, at least a 100% quarterly growth rate. To accompish these goals,

Learn about financial instruments that produce high yields, Learn how to participate in high yield investment programs, Make higher than average yields on my money over a long-term basis, and, Learn about and participate in asset protection programs. New to offshore high yield investing programs (HYIP)? Or just want to learn more about offshore banking, online investing, trading programs. Maybe your looking for tax havens, or more asset protection. Keep reading we might just be a little help in your investing needs.

Foghorn's Enlightening Tips! (1) Set an exact amount of money that you are willing to lose. No matter what comes along, don't go back torepparttar 101951 bank. Whateverrepparttar 101952 maximum amount is that you are willing to lose, only spend one-half that amount to start and wait for some money before you spend any more.

(2) Start with programs that have been paying for a while. Checkrepparttar 101953 rumour mill to see if they are experiencing any paying problems. If there'srepparttar 101954 slightest hint of trouble, find something else. Even if there really isn't a problem,repparttar 101955 rumour mill can create one.

(3) "Don't spend it all on one place. Don't put all your money in one type of program. Pick a couple of different types of programs (loan, trading, network marketing - with nominal sponsoring). Pick different payment time frames, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

(4) Ifrepparttar 101956 program is promising a return in less than 7 days, pass it by. It's rare that an investment based on a financial instrument can AVERAGE enough in a week to pay 100%. It is probably some type of ponzi or pyramid scam!

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