So How Serious Are You?

Written by Rick Adams

You want to start an online business. You've seenrepparttar hype, make six figures by purchasing "my product" and I'll show you how to do it step-by-step.

Of course it sounds fantastic. How many people do you know that have succeeded at any get-rich-quick scheme? Ever purchased one? How did that work for you?

Can you get rich with an online business? You bet. The operative work is "quick" andrepparttar 117554 implication is "minimal effort or work". Ask any successful online business owner (with multiple years of experience) and I'm sure "quick" is not necessarily a response you'll hear.

An online business is just that, a business. That "internet work week" of 15-20 hours per week is real, once you have your business up and running. But getting there is a different story. It's a great goal and many people aspire to achieve it, I know I do.

The top selling products onrepparttar 117555 Internet didn't happen overnight, but some products do take off quickly. The owner has probably spent many months building a customer base, increasingrepparttar 117556 subscriber opt-in list, finely tuningrepparttar 117557 sales copy, market testingrepparttar 117558 sales approach, and working to have a visible website.

It doesn't happen overnight.

Physically and emotionally, are you prepared forrepparttar 117559 demands?

A business owner will wear multiple several hats. This can be stressful to your overall emotional and physical health. Do you haverepparttar 117560 stamina? Are you prepared to put in long hours to succeed?

Do you haverepparttar 117561 support of your family? Otherwise it will be more difficult to succeed. Your family will take on more responsibility as you expend effort towardsrepparttar 117562 business.

Do you have a passion for your new business venture? This will help overcomerepparttar 117563 emotional roller coaster that comes with building your own business.

How are your customer service skills? How much time and effort are you planning to spend cultivating customer relationships, answering questions, and addressing issues?

Think ofrepparttar 117564 merchants you frequent. Why do you keep coming back? Is itrepparttar 117565 products,repparttar 117566 customer service,repparttar 117567 price, responsiveness, orrepparttar 117568 accessibility? It's probably all ofrepparttar 117569 above. The merchant didn't have your respect or trust initially, it was earned, over time.

So you have a product and you start to promote it. You get some initial sales, but then what? The key to real success is sustainingrepparttar 117570 business month after month. Keeping your product fresh and up-to-date. It's no different for any business.

The leaders in any field constantly promote their products. Soft drink companies, car manufacturers, and fast food restaurant chains spend millions of dollars each year on advertising.

They already have name brand products, so why advertise more? To keep their products front and center, to cope withrepparttar 117571 competition, and to sustain their business, that's why.

The Perfect Marketing Strategy for the Solopreneur

Written by Myrtis Smith

Unless you have an unlimited supply of time and money, youíve probably recognized very early onrepparttar importance of identifying an effective marketing strategy. Everyone is looking forrepparttar 117553 perfect marketing plan,repparttar 117554 one that will be easy to implement and attract droves of customers to your business.

There are various strategies that have become popular in marketing an Internet business. Some ofrepparttar 117555 more common ones are: ....writing articles ....public speaking ....conducting workshops or teleclasses ....paying for ad on websites, ezines, or via print media ....reciprocal links or ads with other websites and newsletters items such as newsletters, reports, and assessments

If youíre a small business, especially a solopreneur,repparttar 117556 best marketing strategy isrepparttar 117557 one you likerepparttar 117558 most. The perfect marketing technique for you isrepparttar 117559 one most aligned with your skills and abilities. It should be based on your strengths andrepparttar 117560 things you like to do most. If you like to write, write articles. If speaking is your forte, conduct workshops or teleclasses.

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