So, what’s an e-zine?

Written by Maria Marsala

Technically they’re written e-zine (not ezine) although calling them an electronic newsletter e-news or Internet newsletter i-news clarifies what they are much better. They were givenrepparttar name e-zine (short for electronic magazine). Some people pronouncerepparttar 129400 e-zeen and others say e-zin – however way you write it or say it, an e-zine should be a special e-mail, sent to you because you requested it.

E-zines are one way to build communities and relationships with a potentially large number of people, for a minimal cost. Instead of sending out a business newsletter, via postal mail, you can send anyone who requests, your e-zine.

An e-zine can consist of one tip or they can include

Eliminate Redundancies for Fat Free Writing

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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Eliminate Redundancies for Fat Free Writing ©2002 By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

Engaging writing is concise. How many times have we been told to "write tight" (be concise) rather than verbosely? The following are a mere 25 examples of redundant phrases. When used properly, alternatives to these phrases can cut much ofrepparttar 129401 fat out of your business communication, leaving it leaner, tighter, and less verbose.

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