So, Why Should You Start An Online Business?

Written by Joe Bingham

Why should anyone start an online business?

After it's all boiled down,repparttar major factors are money, independence, and time.

Money, of course, isrepparttar 117939 main driving factor for many. We all want to make more money. I've heardrepparttar 117940 following from many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, and I'll throw my own agreement in with it as well.

You'll never get rich working for someone else.

Even those with high paying jobs don't rely simply on their salaries. They all have investment plans and accounts designed to create further wealth.

Consider these numbers fromrepparttar 117941 Bureau of Labor Statistics:

(U.S. only) Out of 100 people that start working at age 25, byrepparttar 117942 time they reachrepparttar 117943 age of 65....

63% - need to depend on friends, relatives, or charity

29% - will be deceased

4% - need to work in order to make ends meet

4% - will be financially stable

1% - will be wealthy

REALLY consider those last two numbers. Only 4% will be financially stable? Only 1% will be wealthy?

I don't know about you, but I plan on being both financially stable and wealthy, and I plan on achieving it LONG before I'm 65!

Anyone can sit down and calculate out how their life will go with what they are making atrepparttar 117944 current time. Even if you manage to have $1000 a month left after all of your bills and needs are met, after 40 years of working and saving that $1000 you will have enough to buy yourself ONE nice car.

Is that all your dreams entail, just ONE nice car after 40 years?! Besides, how many working folks have $1000 left every month with nowhere to go?

You've got to be doing MORE!

Ok, fine, but why an ONLINE Business?

Independence and time,repparttar 117945 other factors in why you should start your own business are best served online. Once set up, your online business can run full time, day and night, without you being there.

Go First Class!

Written by Kent E. Butler

What are your biggest worries when you go online to shop? The two thingsrepparttar majority of internet shoppers fear most are >> having their credit cards misused and abused, and >> paying for something but not getting it, or getting junk.

Before they're going to do business with you, they want to feel safe. Whether or not they do is pretty much up to you andrepparttar 117938 image you create of yourself and your business.

Being a class act - first class, of course - starts with your attitude. It includes your products or services, website, marketing effort, sales and delivery, customer service - you'd be right to include everything.

The image you project isrepparttar 117939 one you're stuck with, whether it's what you intended or not. If that image makes your shopper, your prospective customer, feel uncomfortable,repparttar 117940 chances of your making a sale are slim to none.

For example, there are two sure ways a company can kill my desire to buy anything from them: >> lie to me, or >> insult my intelligence.

Many car dealers do both routinely. They shout about selling their cars at or below "dealer invoice". That tells me two things right away: >>repparttar 117941 invoice is a fraud, and >> they think their prospects are idiots.

The term "invoice" impliesrepparttar 117942 amountrepparttar 117943 dealer paid forrepparttar 117944 car, and I guess we're supposed to believe it. How long would any company be in business selling their primary product at or below their actual cost?

Yelling at me doesn't help, either. And on-line, THIS IS YELLING!

You'd be doing very well for your business, and thus your future, by treating othersrepparttar 117945 way you wish to be treated. Sound familiar? Would you be more likely to do business with someone you feel you can trust, or someone who makes you uneasy? Me, too.

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