So, What's in a Name?

Written by Steve Parke

A lot of folks think, they need to spend a lot of money in order to place well inrepparttar search engines. While there are some good companies out there that will do a good job for you, you can do it yourself with some time, effort,repparttar 117959 right resources, tools, and some knowledge. While it is true,repparttar 117960 more links you have,repparttar 117961 higher you go in a lot of search engines, but many other factors have to be taken into consideration. Titles, descriptions, meta-tags, keywords, doorway pages, links, structure are just a few to consider. What most people like about search engines, is when consumers do a search, they are already a qualified customer when they find you and get to your site. Other people feelrepparttar 117962 search engines do not play that big of factor if they advertise correctly. When you think of Microsoft, you don't need a search engine to find it. You simply type inrepparttar 117963 name,and you're there. Why? Because of Microsoft's marketing and advertising. It is a name, a name everyone is well aware of. Of course havingrepparttar 117964 kind of money that they have in their budget to spend every month would make your site a household name too. We don't have that, so here we are back torepparttar 117965 search engines, ezines, newsletters, classified ads, banners, links, newspaper, radio, TV, word of mouth, etc. yes, you have to spend money to make money most ofrepparttar 117966 time. The old saying "In order to make a large fortune, first you start with a small fortune." is right. Everyone needs to start with a budget. Usually 10% to start, down to 1% as

Lessons Learned from the Downfall of Dot-Coms

Written by Nach Maravilla

Business headlines today are filled with stories of high-profile dot-coms that crashed and burned, despite allrepparttar venture capital funding, hype and publicity received. This turn of events show that success online is not directly proportional torepparttar 117958 amount of capital a business has. Here’s how small businesses can thrive in e-commerce, and with some chutzpah, fight side-by-side withrepparttar 117959 well-oiled dot-coms.

By Nach Maravilla Power HomeBiz Guides

Every online entrepreneur must understandrepparttar 117960 simple rule of doing business onrepparttar 117961 Internet: customers rule!

Consumer power drive today’s economy. With a simple click ofrepparttar 117962 mouse,repparttar 117963 customer can decide whether your business deserves his dollars or not. A recent Bain and Company study finds that over 2,000 customers in three retail segments -- apparel, groceries, and consumer electronics/appliances -- suggest that 10 percent of customers cite better service asrepparttar 117964 reason they shop online. Withrepparttar 117965 information explosion onrepparttar 117966 Internet,repparttar 117967 balance of power has shifted fromrepparttar 117968 manufacturer torepparttar 117969 retailer, and now down torepparttar 117970 consumer, as consumers become more jaded, cynical and savvy about marketing.

Many dot-coms have crashed and burned because they thought thatrepparttar 117971 basic principle of satisfying customers is now passe inrepparttar 117972 “new economy.” Takerepparttar 117973 now-classic case of, a well-oiled and much-hyped luxury goods e-tailer. The demise of was a result of its focus on technologies that, while innovative and ahead of its time, were too cumbersome and complicated for customers. It mistakenly thought thatrepparttar 117974 warning on its homepage: “This site is designed for 56K modems and above” could appease potential customers of its slow-loading graphics. There was too much style over substance, that for many, it was more trouble than it was worth to actually buy something. After only six months and burning nearly $200 million,,repparttar 117975 poster child of Internet excess, had to say goodbye.

There is one clear lesson that is emerging fromrepparttar 117976 recent shake-up inrepparttar 117977 dot-com world: onlyrepparttar 117978 businesses, whether big or small, that serves their customers right will be left standing. The key driver of online success (or failure) isrepparttar 117979 customer experience. Asrepparttar 117980 novelty of online shopping wears off, online customers will place more focus onrepparttar 117981 quality of service. Despite allrepparttar 117982 venture capital financing received,repparttar 117983 big dot-coms will fail if it does not serve its customers correctly.

Small businesses should take heed ­ you have a fighting chance if you treat your customers right! You may not haverepparttar 117984 huge capital,repparttar 117985 best technology orrepparttar 117986 hype and publicity of these well-oiled dot-coms; others do not even have staffs! However, you can still compete effectively online by focusing on your customers, figuring out what they want and need and making life easier for them. Focus on gettingrepparttar 117987 basics right: superior service leads to satisfied customers; satisfied customers lead to referrals and referrals arerepparttar 117988 most effective way to build a wide customer base.

The crucial thing is to learn to integrate customer experience in your business strategy. Here arerepparttar 117989 three steps:

1. Identify your customer’s goals and your goals.

The first step is to identify your best customer segment and understand their needs precisely. Not all customers are profitable, so tailor your offer to your best customers. To do so, you need to get clear answers to questions like:

* Who are your target customers? Knowrepparttar 117990 demographics of your visitors. Demographics are a powerful information to help you better respond to your customer needs. With this information, you can set out your site to your target market by clearly defining your site’s business plan and marketing goals.

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