Snipe Your Way to Auction Success

Written by Frank Lomax

Bidding for a bargain is all part ofrepparttar exciting eBay experience. But what can really disappoint is when you’re all set to win that fantastic, gold plated gizmo and someone else just beats your bid inrepparttar 144821 final seconds.

This trixy technique is called ‘sniping’ and is perfectly legal. It’s very annoying when someone does it to you but it can be a most effective way to win auctions…but only if you’re able to keep a constant eye onrepparttar 144822 auction and have a computer fired up and ready to go.

But, we’re faced with a problem. We can’t always be on hand each time a selected auction reaches its final moments. It can mean having to log in many times each day or perhaps even inrepparttar 144823 middle ofrepparttar 144824 night. Well,repparttar 144825 answer could be to use special sniping software.

Okay, so what is sniping software and how does it work?

Basically, it’s a clever little programme which you can set up in advance to place a last minute auction bid on your behalf. Some sniping programs can be downloaded. With others, you place your bid through a special sniping website. You can then wander off, play golf or whatever, knowing that your bid will be made - inrepparttar 144826 dying moments - for that ’must have’ special item.

And it’s all very simple to activate.

You just enterrepparttar 144827 details of each auction you’re interested in (i.e.repparttar 144828 auction number) andrepparttar 144829 maximum amount you’re prepared to pay forrepparttar 144830 item. And here’srepparttar 144831 really sneaky part! The program then lodges your bid inrepparttar 144832 very last SECONDS ofrepparttar 144833 auction. This means that anyone bidding against you just hasn’trepparttar 144834 time to place a counter bid. Auto snipers claim to be around 95 – 99 per cent successful in enabling you to win auctions this way.

There are various sniping programs and services available. Most will charge you a small free but will allow you a free trial of their software first. I’ve used them and won some important auctions. So my advice is to have a free trial run. You’ve nothing too lose.

Free Instant Auction Traffic

Written by Jason James

Here's an easy way to get extra traffic to your eBay auctions...

...and we all know,repparttar more traffic,repparttar 144786 more bids and ultimately,repparttar 144787 more sales you'll get!

First...answer this question:

"Do you look at other people's feedback ratings?"

You probably answered yes...

So here's my idea -

"Whenever you leave feedback, put your website URL inrepparttar 144788 feedback Comment"

If you don't have a website, no problem, see below for details.

I have only seen this done once! - me.

It's so easy and EVERYONE looks at feedback ratings before they bid.

So,repparttar 144789 idea would be to try and leave feedback for users that get a lot of traffic...

How? - check out ebay pulse and look at some ofrepparttar 144790 highest watched items and try bidding on one of them.

After, you bid and win, leave your feedback with your website URL in your feedback comment.

For example,

**** - Excellent communication and great eBayer, Highly recommended

You can see howrepparttar 144791 domain will *jump-out* atrepparttar 144792 reader.

Also, when you leave feedback for your auction sales, dorepparttar 144793 same.

Now.., if you don't have a website, here's a quick trick on how to direct that traffic to your about me page.

Simply create a free account at and purchase a domain name, i.e. only charges $8.88 per year for your domain name!

...then, in your account, you can set your new domain to redirect to your eBay about me's how:

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