Sneaky (But Legal) Places To Insert Keywords For Higher Rankings

Written by Diane Hughes

The battle for high search engine rankings rages on! The engines themselves continually make changes which makes our jobs, as Web site owners, much more difficult. But, one thing has always remainedrepparttar same... Keywords.

Search engines still read text. That text still has to be relevant torepparttar 128363 site. Keywords are text and must be placed strategically throughout your site. Those keywords withinrepparttar 128364 text are stillrepparttar 128365 determining factor on how high you go uprepparttar 128366 search engine ladder.

While many engines now place no relevancy whatsoever onrepparttar 128367 keyword META tag itself, there are still plenty of places - legal ones - to insert keywords in order to boost your rankings.

Keep this list handy when writing copy for your site pages. It will help you getrepparttar 128368 biggest bang for your search engine buck.

1. In your URL.

Putting a keyword or keyphrase within your URL (domain name) counts for major points!

2. In your page link names.

Rather than using a link in your navigation bar like "services", add a keyword to that page link. If you are a marketing consultant, you could put "marketingservices" instead.

3. In links throughoutrepparttar 128369 copy.

This usesrepparttar 128370 same principle as above. Instead of writing a paragraph about your testimonials and linking to a page named "testimonials", create a link to a page named "marketing successes" (or some other powerful keyphrase).

"Secrets To Using Keywords!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, if you needed to find something all you had top do was to let your fingers dorepparttar walking for you. Andrepparttar 128362 Yellow Pages are still are great place to look for a specific type of business or service.

But that was then.

Now we haverepparttar 128363 Information Super Highway. Finding information, or anything else for that matter, is simply an act of entering inrepparttar 128364 correct keywords at your favorite search engine or directory.

Keywords arerepparttar 128365 21st century equivalent ofrepparttar 128366 Yellow Pages and they are necessary to find whatever it is that you seek online. But, not only do you find things with keywords, they are also what others will use to find you.

The keywords you use on your website will determine exactly how your website will perform in search engine and directory searches made by potential visitors.

This can have a huge positive or negative effect onrepparttar 128367 exposure your website receives fromrepparttar 128368 global audience ofrepparttar 128369 Internet.

Traffic is essential forrepparttar 128370 success of any website.

It does not matter whatrepparttar 128371 purpose ofrepparttar 128372 website might be. Without traffic, then you are creating a website that will never be seen by anyone other than yourself.

For those of us attempting to do business online, repparttar 128373 proper use of keywords can make or break you.

Here are a few important points to consider:

1. Choose Proper Keywords.

If you are selling fresh fruit online, it will not do you any good to use words that describe auto parts. The keywords you choose must be closely related to that subject or topic which will be found on your website.

2. Good Use of Keywords.

Not only must you chooserepparttar 128374 correct keywords to describe your website, but you must also make use of those keywords throughoutrepparttar 128375 actual body of repparttar 128376 text of your website.

3. Excellent Use of Keywords.

Many people go torepparttar 128377 trouble of researching keywords to make their web site as attractive to potential visitors doing searches but fail miserably atrepparttar 128378 most important element ofrepparttar 128379 entire process by namingrepparttar 128380 Title of their website Homepage.

Make use of your keywords in your website Title!

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