Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

Written by Elena Fawkner

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

2002 Elena Fawkner

You may findrepparttar lure of an online business seductive indeed. And why not? After all, it holdsrepparttar 117652 promise of true independence - time and money freedom - fromrepparttar 117653 comfort and sanctuary of your own home. It tantalizes you withrepparttar 117654 promise of unlimited potential, a limitless market. With immediate results.

All of this is achievable. Exceptrepparttar 117655 last. There is nothing immediate aboutrepparttar 117656 results you will achieve when you first start an online business.

It's estimated that well over 98% of internet businesses bite repparttar 117657 dust after only a few months. How can you make sure you're one ofrepparttar 117658 2% who last throughrepparttar 117659 long haul? It's quite simple, really. Just hang on.

That's assuming, of course, that your online business is worth hanging on TO. If all you're doing is reselling someone else's products and not contributing anything torepparttar 117660 Internet community yourself, get ready to joinrepparttar 117661 98%. But if you've identified your niche, if you're making an original contribution to that niche and have quality products or services to offer that market, you can make it.

But you have to be prepared to stick it out because no matter how great your site, your product, your service, your ideas, your abilities, it will not happen overnight.

THAT'S why 98% of online businesses fail. It's not because they were also-rans, it's not because they did nothing but sign up for half a dozen affiliate programs and thought they were in business, it's not because they were dumb, or slow, or technically challenged or faced too much competition.

It's because they gave up too soon.

You have to allow forrepparttar 117662 lag factor. You have to be prepared to not only sow your seeds, but to giverepparttar 117663 seeds time to germinate, sprout and, finally, grow. Only then can you harvest. In other words, not only must you sow before you can reap, you must wait after sowing before you can reap.

It's what you do with that waiting time that's critical to your success.

Think of yourself as a farmer. You wouldn't just plant a quarter acre of corn and then sit back forrepparttar 117664 next three months (or however long it takes corn to grow) twiddling your thumbs, obsessively checking for signs of life every five minutes, getting more and more frustrated with every day that passes without being able to harvest.

No. Inrepparttar 117665 meantime, you'd be busy planting strawberries, potatoes, carrots and broadbeans. And you'd be busy *harvesting*repparttar 117666 broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and asparagus that you planted four months beforerepparttar 117667 strawberries, potatoes, carrots and broadbeans. While you weren't obsessing about howrepparttar 117668 cauliflower, silverbeet, tomatoes and squash you'd planted three months before THAT were doing. And keeping an eye on your herb garden while you were at it.

Like working a farm, working an online business is a constant exercise in planning, sowing, tending, measuring and reaping. And patience. Lots and lots of patience.

When you "finish" your first website (you'll understand why repparttar 117669 quotes if you have your own site), you thinkrepparttar 117670 hard part's over. You think that it's simply a matter of uploading your site to your web host's servers, submitting your site to repparttar 117671 search engines, listing it in directories, negotiating reciprocal links with other webmasters, publishing an ezine and generating subscribers, placing paid ads (you'll figure out what free ads are worth all by yourself), writing articles and doing a hundred and one other things to drive traffic to your site.

And you're right. It is that simple.

But it all takes time.

You won't upload your site today and have it indexed by repparttar 117672 search engines tomorrow. You'll sendrepparttar 117673 first issue of your ezine to maybe 10 people. Or fewer. Your first attempt at ad writing will bring you zero sales. It takes you three months for it to actually sink in that you have to run your ad for a minimum of seven times before readers will act. And that it's seven times torepparttar 117674 SAME audience.

D-BUST Your Computer-Part 1 (Instructions for Microsoft Users)

Written by Janet L. Hall

D-BUST Your Computer-Part 1 (Instructions for Microsoft Users) by: Janet L. Hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D stands for Delete.

When wasrepparttar last time you deleted a document or Email off your computer?

Do you ever go through your folders and files to see if you really need all those documents or are even using them?

Schedule a date and time to go through your files and delete any you are NEVER going to use or refer to again. If this "OverHall" is going to take many hours that you might not have time for, then try to schedule to do a folder a day or week until you have everything deleted that is old, outdated, and unused.

If you work for someone, first see if they have a document retention policy in place. If they don't have a policy; suggest they develop one.

If you own your own business or just use your computer for personal matters then YOU need to determine how long a document is kept.

If you are unsure due to legalities or accounting reasons, please seekrepparttar 117651 advice of an attorney or accountant before you start deleting your documents.

I personally recommend that if you haven't used a document (printed, edited, copied, or sent) inrepparttar 117652 last six months that it is probably safe to delete it. Again, if unsure, ask someone. If you still don't want to delete but DON"T need it on your computers hard drive taking up space that you might really need checkrepparttar 117653 June 2000 issue when I'll write about "T is for Transfer".

****To check how much Free Space is on your Hard Drive**** ~~ Double Click My Computer ~~ Place Pointer on [C:] ~~ Right Click on [c:] ~~ Click Properties ~~ Click General *********************************************************************** Okay, how can you check to see how old a document is? I will explainrepparttar 117654 process for those of you that use Microsoft. To those of you that use other systems please refer to your manual or look (click) around using similar steps or wording to see if these steps work for you.

~~ Click Start (Usually located onrepparttar 117655 left bottom of your screen) ~~ Place Pointer on Programs ~~ Place Pointer on Windows Explorer and Click

You have now entered into your electronic file cabinet. Here you can "see" every document, file, and program that is on your computer.

Your screen will show one of two things:

A simple list of all your folders and documents OR A detailed list that includes not onlyrepparttar 117656 name butrepparttar 117657 size, type, and date and time.

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