Smoking Ban - Fair or Foul?

Written by Dan Buglio

Smoking Bans - Fair or Foul?  

By Dan Buglio, June - 2005

City halls and town councils are packed with people arguing both sides of this heated debate.  Should we ban smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places or not?   I pose this question:  Didrepparttar government intervene because every bar and restaurant has state ofrepparttar 143484 art smoke eater technology installed - providing a comfortable, safe and odor free dining or drinking experience?  I doubt it. 

I may not make any friends here, but I say that it isrepparttar 143485 very same bar and restaurant owners who cry aboutrepparttar 143486 smoking bans putting  them out of business that actually broughtrepparttar 143487 smoking bans upon themselves.  For those of you who have invested inrepparttar 143488 right smoke eater technology, my apologies.  But look around.  Most bars, night clubs and restaurants haven't done enough... or anything at all.  Why not?  Don't these owners realize it's their health too?  Bartenders and owners working in a smoky bar are 50% more likely to develop lung cancer than those working in a smoke free environment.  Yes, 50% more likely!

I don't smoke.  Never have, never will.  I haterepparttar 143489 stuff.  But in spite of that, I feel that a bar or restaurant  has a right to allow smoking in their privately owned business.  The customer also has a right to not be a patron.  It's a free country, do as you wish.  Unfortunately, our government feels they need to get involved to protectrepparttar 143490 staff and customers becauserepparttar 143491 bar owners haven't.  

So what should we do about smoking in bars, night clubs and restaurants?  My vote is that it should be up torepparttar 143492 owner ofrepparttar 143493 establishment to decide.  If allowing smoking causes a bar or restaurant to gain or lose business, that is their choice.  Many people argue in favor ofrepparttar 143494 health ofrepparttar 143495 bartenders and wait staff.  Shouldn't they be provided a safe place to work?  Again, it's a matter of choice.  If you don't want to work in a smoky bar, don't work there or push your management to get some quality smoke eaters.  As a customer, if you don't want to eat in a smoky restaurant, don't eat there.  There are plenty of alternatives.  Simple right?

Torepparttar 143496 owners who cry foul when their city or town bans smoking, what are you waiting for?  Asrepparttar 143497 owner of a company selling air purifiers, air cleaners and smoke

Ecology: 10 Ways To Fortify The Environment For Under $10

Written by Jim D. Ray

America’s beautiful landscape representsrepparttar natural brilliance of a nation founded on truth, freedom, andrepparttar 143300 well-being of all its citizens.

As technology progresses, America’s ecosystem suffersrepparttar 143301 greatest toll. Automobiles, industrial parks, and consumer waste have grown in record numbers overrepparttar 143302 past twenty years. It is essential that we seek to ensure conditions favorable torepparttar 143303 renewal of our country’s natural splendor.

Here are ten ways you can fortify your local ecosystem for $10 or less:

1. Don’t litter. It’s just one cigarette butt, pop can, or plastic wrapper outrepparttar 143304 window – but with over 200 million motorists in America, that can add up to a lot of litter. Repairing existing damage torepparttar 143305 environment begins one piece of potential litter at a time.

2. Recyclerepparttar 143306 basics. Many communities have recycling programs in place, yet some people find it too difficult or time consuming to make use of them. Basics such as aluminum cans or newspapers are easy to sort fromrepparttar 143307 rest ofrepparttar 143308 trash. To locate your community’s recycling pick-up schedule or drop-off locations, visit:

3. Joinrepparttar 143309 National Arbor Day Foundation. The Arbor Day Foundation promotesrepparttar 143310 preservation and growth of tress, both in national forests and residential settings. A membership is $10 and includes ten free tree seedlings sent by U.S. mail for planting in your yard or community. Donations are also accepted, used for planting trees in America’s national forests affected by fire or insect infestation. Visitrepparttar 143311 National Arbor Day Foundation web site at:

4. Conserve gasoline. Now more than ever, conserving gas should be an easy-to-implement method for both aidingrepparttar 143312 environment and saving money. Try running errands during a morning or afternoon stroll, or walking to your lunch spot. Not only arerepparttar 143313 health benefits significant, there is immense natural beauty to be experienced that oftentimes goes unnoticed inrepparttar 143314 car.

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