Smokey Mountain Cabins - There Is Only One!

Written by David Buster

Did you know there are no Smokey Mountain cabins for vacation rentals insiderepparttar Great Smokey Mountains National Park - except one! It is called Leconte Lodge. Even thoughrepparttar 147192 National Park Service Leconte Lodge is called a lodge, it also includes rental log cabins. These arerepparttar 147193 only cabins for vacation rentals insiderepparttar 147194 national park.

To get there, do you just hop in your car and drive up torepparttar 147195 front door? No way! There is no road to these Smokey Mountain rental cabins. If you want to stay there,repparttar 147196 only way in is by hiking! Talk about Smokey Mountain secluded cabins - it is a hike of over 5 miles if you are up to it. Lots of folks do just that, as this Smokey Mountain cabins facility fills up fast duringrepparttar 147197 summer. Not only does it fill up fast, you may have to wait months to get a cabin reservation.

Located at more than 6,500 feet elevation, these Smokies rental cabins are very popular. Prepare for a sponge bath. While there is running water forrepparttar 147198 toilets, there is no electricity. Kerosene lanterns will provide you with light. You will not be blow-drying your hair or watching reruns while here. It is life somewhat like it used to be many generations ago.

These Smokey Mountain cabins only have a capacity of up to fifty guests per night housed in either handcrafted log cabins or group sleeping lodges. The cabins have upper and lower double bunk beds, which are great for two couples or a family of four or five persons. Each ofrepparttar 147199 larger cabin lodges can sleep from ten to thirteen persons.

Getting The Best Price On A Car Rental

Written by Ben Shar

Vacations are expensive; there is no doubt about it. But, when we haverepparttar opportunity to save money, we should jump at it. Car rentals are justrepparttar 147191 right way to save some money this vacation season. Sure, we all want to get offrepparttar 147192 plane and grab a great looking car, but if you can do this and save some money, who’s going to complain? Here are some hints and tips to keep you saving money on your next trip or whenever you need a car rental.

· Book them ahead of time. This is essential to saving money. If you plan to get offrepparttar 147193 plane and into a car, you will pay more, much more. Instead, get online and simply look forrepparttar 147194 best deal available. No more hassle than waiting in line atrepparttar 147195 car rental shop. You can choose just what you want and get a better price.

· Consider your need. There isn’t one of us that wouldn’t want to drive around all day in a luxury car, but if you plan to go sight seeing in that, how much time will you spend inrepparttar 147196 car in all reality? Most likely, you’ll be out ofrepparttar 147197 car most ofrepparttar 147198 time. It just makes sense to get an affordable car and pocketrepparttar 147199 extra money. A luxury car is just prone to be stolen too.

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