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Free money saving cleaning solutions revealed!

Written by Sam Rodman

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"FREE MONEY SAVING CLEANING SOLUTIONS" Sam Rodman, owner of "Edison Office Cleaning" in Southwest Florida since 1992, shares his time tested and proven formula's for saving you money when it comes to cleaning chores.

Now... you can turn your favorite bottle of all purpose cleaner such as (409 or Fantastic)... OR... your favorite bottle of window cleaner such as (Windex) into A-FULL-GALLON... of super strenght cleaning solution! It works great and has been in use for over 10 years inrepparttar 113260 commercial cleaning business.


Combinerepparttar 113261 ingredients below (inrepparttar 113262 amounts listed) into an empty one gallon container. Now... shake briefly and then add water torepparttar 113263 top ofrepparttar 113264 container.


1 qt. Rubbing alcohol 1 cup Parsons lemon ammonia 1 teaspoon Dishwashing liquid 16 oz.or 1 pt. Simple Green (optional) 21 oz. Brand name all-purpose (409 or Fantastic)


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