Smart way to increase traffic

Written by Oksana Savaryn

It is vary important to know where your traffic to your Web site is coming from. Is it through a Search Engine, or throughrepparttar promotion of your URL in an ad or a newsletter? This information will give you another clue as to your visitors' mindsets when they arrive to read your Web site's content. Why? Because "ad traffic" is tougher to persuade than customers who arrive via Search Engines. Why? Why is ad traffic tougher? Because if people find you via an ad, they know they've been "pitched." And they know another pitch is coming. So they feel that you are using their time. But if they find you via Search Engines, thatís another story... They were looking for you! They found you via a keyword search, so they are targeted. Search Engines are, by far,repparttar 137612 #1 way that surfers find Web sites. If they cannot find your site, it does not exist. One more important point... Finding a site through a Search Engine is more credible than visiting a site due to advertising. It isrepparttar 137613 offline equivalent of reading editorial content in a newspaper, as opposed to an ad. So, how to tell Search Engine about your site? How to make it indexed?

How to attract people to visit you site once more?

Written by Oksana Savaryn

It is not true thatrepparttar best way to increase traffic is to attract as many new visitors as possible. They will come for a few seconds and go. Even if a visitor bookmarks you, he is unlikely to ever return once she leaves. (Check your own Bookmarks or Favorites list to see what I mean!). No profit. The site is not popular. But when they come again, this means that your site is really needed.

Why is it important to attract people to come again? There are many reasons why you would want your visitors to come back to your pages. If you sell banner advertising space, you can easily calculate that a person who comes to your site, looks at five pages and then returns ten times withinrepparttar 137611 next year and checks out an average of two pages per visit is four times as valuable to you than one who reads five pages but forgets all about you after leaving. Owners of online stores benefit from an increase in return traffic as well, because in many cases it takes more than one visit to makerepparttar 137612 sale. The visitor might not need your product right now, but he is likely to buy from you whenrepparttar 137613 time is right. Another advantage that arises from such visitor loyalty is that those who regularly visit your site often mention it to their friends, family and colleagues. This can easily create a so-called traffic virus, which is born when people tell about you to their acquaintances, who then spreadrepparttar 137614 word to their own acquaintances and so on. While it might not sound like a very big deal, word-of-mouth isrepparttar 137615 primary source of traffic for many larger sites andrepparttar 137616 reason they have become what they are today.

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