Small Hometown on the Internet

Written by Mike Smith

I have been doing business as an Internet marketing professional for a few years now and one ofrepparttar most important things I have realized is that people want to knowrepparttar 124390 folks they do business with just like in their Hometown. Let's face it, when you go to repparttar 124391 grocery store or evenrepparttar 124392 local bank, you knowrepparttar 124393 people that work there. You know their names and they at least know you by site if not by name. It is a great feeling to be able to ask Alice what your bank balance is and have her respond with, "It's $xx.xx, Mr. Smith." Or Bill, atrepparttar 124394 Super Market, asks if he can carry out your groceries and knows your car. Some of these folks are even your friends away from their jobs. Imagine what it would be like to be in a strange town where you didn't know anyone and nobody knew, or cared, who you were. Sounds a little likerepparttar 124395 Internet, huh? You find a site that sounds like a good deal on a product or service. You click onrepparttar 124396 credit card link and make your purchase from someone that you don't know and that has no idea who you are. Wouldn't it be nice if you had an idea who they were and if they are real people just like you? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to ask some questions and get some answers from a real person that calls you by name? Frankly when I do business onrepparttar 124397 Internet I want to be recognized. I wantrepparttar 124398 people I do business with to be there if I have a question. Autoresponders are nice and save a lot of time, but there is nothing like a personal e-mail from someone who will take time to address your questions directly to you. Yes,repparttar 124399 Internet is changing. It changes every day and new

The Almost Complete Ezine Promote It List

Written by Kurt Geer

Every Ezine writer knows that just publishing an ezine is notrepparttar only task that is involved in writing a Good ezine. You must constantly search for new material and ways to promoterepparttar 124389 list also. Ofrepparttar 124390 list compiled below, if you join a few lists a day to promote your own list, you will have a nice number of subs before too long. You also may meet a few good publishers alongrepparttar 124391 way who may want to swap ads, which is another way to get more subs. Some ofrepparttar 124392 lists have less than 100 subs, but if we all join them, their subs list will grow and it will be better for everyone inrepparttar 124393 long run. hasrepparttar 124394 most lists and it is super easy to subscribe in Digest form onrepparttar 124395 web, to cut down onrepparttar 124396 amount of email you receive each day. This can also be done at, and *once a Month*,,,

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