Small Home Business: Ad Copy Secretst

Written by Kim Beardsmore

So it’s time to invest some finances into advertising your business and you are considering producing a flyer to advertise your business. Rather than sweat all night on writingrepparttar perfect flyer, first take some time to consider whatrepparttar 138111 experts have found to be effective.

Here are ten ad copy ‘secrets’ you might consider before you spend your money. These ‘secrets’ can be used for both online and offline flyers.

1. Use a short hand written letter on your ad copy instead of text. Adding a personal touch will always increase your sales.

2. Publish a list of famous and respected customers who have bought from you on your a copy. People will think that if these people bought from you, they should also trust your business and purchase your products. Make sure to get their permission first.

3. Show before and after photos for your products. The problem picture and then beside it, showrepparttar 138112 picture ofrepparttar 138113 resolution torepparttar 138114 problem when they use your product.

4. Include an article or review that has been written about you or your business with your ad copy. This will show people that your business is respected and will increase your credibility.

5. When you offer free bonuses in your ad copy, also listrepparttar 138115 dollar value beside each bonus. People will feel they're getting a good deal and it will increaserepparttar 138116 value of your product.

Small Home Business: Unique Free Advertising For Business Owners

Written by Kim Beardsmore

If you find these ideas for free small business advertising a little unusual, that’s not surprising. They are. The reason you may have not heard about them is probably because most business people userepparttar same, traditional forms of advertising paths. If you are looking for something to supplement your existing forms of advertising, these ideas may haverepparttar 138110 power to lift your sales and expand your business without a large financial outlay.

1. Give Testimonials

When you purchase a product or service and it exceeds your expectations e-mailrepparttar 138111 business a testimonial. Tell them inrepparttar 138112 testimonialrepparttar 138113 benefits you got fromrepparttar 138114 product or service. Give them permission to publishrepparttar 138115 testimonial on their web site, in their advertising brochures or other advertising material if they include a short signature about your self. Atrepparttar 138116 end of this article you will find an example of a short signature.

2. Leave A Message

Participate in local online community discussion boards and other local online discussion groups. When you visit a web site with a discussion board leave a message. You could post a question, interesting content or a compliment about their web site. Include your signature file atrepparttar 138117 end ofrepparttar 138118 message. Some discussion boards let you post your banner ad or text link.

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