Small Business Health Check-Up

Written by Kim Beardsmore

If your home business is not performingrepparttar way you hoped for, rather than stay away at night...use this simple list to check-up on possible reasons why your business is under performing.

1. You don't offer free original content.

2. You don't use a signature file on your e-mails.

3. You don't offer free software.

4. You don't have your own domain name.

5. You don't offer a free contest or sweepstakes.

6. You don't test and improve your ad copy.

7. You don't offer a free web site directory.

8. You don't give people any urgency to buy now.

9. You don't offer a free e-zine.

10. You don't attractrepparttar 138396 target audience that would buy your product or service.

11. You don't offer a free community.

12 You don't let people read your ad before they get your freebie.

13. You don't offer a free affiliate program.

Small Home Business: Why People Don't Buy From You

Written by Kim Beardsmore

10 Reasons Why People Don't Buy From You

Arerepparttar sales in your home business less than you want? The likely answer is a resounding ‘yes’! All of us want to increase our sales and many of us spend endless hours in lead generation.

Rather than concentrating solely on lead generation, it can be an effective strategy to shift your thinking for a short time to fix what might be not working well in your business.

Take a few moments to do this business ‘health check up’ and consider whether any of these reasons apply to your business. If they do and you correctrepparttar 138347 problem, it is likely you will see an increase in sales!

1. You don't make people feel safe when they order. Remind people that they are ordering through a secure server. Tell them you won't sell their e-mail address and all their information will be kept confidential.

2. You don't make your ad copy attractive. Your ad lists features instead of benefits. The headline does not attract at your target audience. You don't list any testimonials or guarantees included in your ad.

3. You don't remind people to come back and visit. People usually don't purchaserepparttar 138348 first time they visit. The more times they visit your site,repparttar 138349 greaterrepparttar 138350 chance they will buy. The most effective way is to give them a free subscription to your e-zine.

4. You don't let people know anything about your business. They will feel more comfortable if they know who they are buying from. Publish a section called "About Us" on your web site. Include your business history, profile of employees, contact information etc.

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