Small Business 'No' How - Don't Give Away the Farm

Written by David A. James

You're pretty proud of yourself! After all, only four months ago you came up withrepparttar idea of opening your own business - "Jenni's Interior Design" Your friends have always said you were gifted when it came to arranging furniture and picking out colors, and you love to do it, so you decided it was time to get serious.

You went to a few "Starting Your Own Business" seminars, picked out a name and registered it, had your nephew build a great website, printed up some business cards, got a second phone line, and took out an ad inrepparttar 117253 local paper - "Are Your Walls and Furniture as Stagnant as Pond Scum? You Don't Need to Breakrepparttar 117254 Bank for a Fresh Look, You Just Need a Makeover!"

Then you crossed your fingers and waited. Day one, no calls. Day two, no calls. Day three -repparttar 117255 phone rings! Success! Your heart is pounding as you pick uprepparttar 117256 phone. The conversation goes something like this:

"Hi! This is Jenni with Jenni's Interior Design, how can I help you?"

"Hi, my name is Celia, I saw your ad inrepparttar 117257 paper. What do you charge for your makeovers?"

"Well, my rate is $25 per half-hour for consultations or $100 per room to redesignrepparttar 117258 entire room. If we decide on new furniture or paint, that is your cost of course"

"Hmm, I have a lot of rooms I'm thinking about changing. Can you come over for a free consultation just to see what I have? If I do more than one room, can I get a discount?"

"Umm… sure, that's fine. If we do more than one room I can do a discount too, no problem"

Hold on. Maybe Jenni hasn't given awayrepparttar 117259 farm yet, but she's on her way. When Jenni hangs uprepparttar 117260 phone she's going to realize a few things:

1. She is committed to spending her time and gas money to visit Celia. 2. She has no agreement or commitment from Celia 3. She indicted that some of her time is "free" time. 4. She let Celia know her price could be bargained down.

The problem here isn't that Jenni was caught off guard,repparttar 117261 problem is that she instinctually began to doubt herself and her prices. You can't blame Jenni, after all, this is her first potential customer and while she's talking onrepparttar 117262 phone she's probably thinking "Gee, am I really worth $25 per half-hour? I do this for my friends for free. I don't know if I'm really qualified to charge that kind of money"

The potentially bigger problem is Jenni pretty much threw her pricing structure outrepparttar 117263 window when questioned. There is nothing wrong with bartering and making deals, but it shouldn't be your standard business practice. Without a doubt, if Celia likes Jenni's work and recommends her to a friend, Celia will be sure to brag aboutrepparttar 117264 great deal she negotiated as well. Now, Jenni is probably stuck with this "free consultation with a discount" policy for any referral customers. Jenni is setting herself up to run all over town free of charge, give good advice, and potentially not make a dime.

Let Your Visitors Build Your Website

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Let Your Visitors Build Your Website

By Stephen Bucaro

Building and maintaining a website is a lot of work, especially if you are a one-person operation. Along withrepparttar 117254 technical design and maintenance ofrepparttar 117255 website, you have to manage content, advertising, and promotion.

The most important component of your website isrepparttar 117256 content. Content gets your website listed inrepparttar 117257 search engines. Search engines bring traffic to your website. Without traffic, you can't generate revenue. But creating and posting content is difficult and time consuming work. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your website's visitors to postrepparttar 117258 content for you? You can!

What type of content can your visitors post?

- Articles - Classified ads - Ebooks - Forum messages - Photographs - Poetry - Recipes - Reviews

I'm sure you can think of many more possibilities.

The ultimate visitor built website is an auction site. But an auction site requires expensive and complex software and advanced administration. You might prefer one ofrepparttar 117259 lower maintenance options.

The idea is, you let your visitors providerepparttar 117260 content while you focus on tasks more directly related to generating revenue, like advertising and promotion.

There are two ways to let your visitors post content.

- Submit for your approval - Direct posting to your website

The second option requiresrepparttar 117261 visitor to setup an account before posting. Then, if that user posts blatant advertising or inappropriate material, you can deleterepparttar 117262 material and cancel that users account. Websites that allow direct posting are constantly under attack by abusers who post blatant advertising. You might findrepparttar 117263 first option, reviewing each submission and posting yourself, to be less work inrepparttar 117264 long run.

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