Slow Shutter Speeds and Long Exposure Photography

Written by Rick Blythe

Many new cameras will come with built-in shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds or longer, which is enough for most long-exposure photography. Other cameras will have a B (bulb) setting that will keeprepparttar shutter open as long as you keep your finger onrepparttar 140743 shutter release button or a T (time) exposure setting that will keeprepparttar 140744 shutter open until you pressrepparttar 140745 shutter release button a second time. Cameras with bulb settings can also be fitted with a locking cable release so that it isn't necessary to keep your finger onrepparttar 140746 shutter for long exposures. If your camera doesn't have a cable release, you can userepparttar 140747 self-timer option found on most cameras. This will eliminate camera vibration from your hands.

A tripod, or something to rest your camera on, is essential becauserepparttar 140748 camera must be completely still duringrepparttar 140749 time thatrepparttar 140750 shutter is open. If you want to make a fast-moving car blur as it speeds by you, a relatively fast shutter speed of 1/20 of a second may give yourepparttar 140751 results you are after, however, if you want to make stars inrepparttar 140752 nighttime sky look like glowing rings asrepparttar 140753 earth rotates, your exposure may last all night.

Civil War Uniform Shirts - Should You Use a One or Two-Piece Body?

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

Civil War Uniform Shirts: When to Use a One and Two Piece Body!

By Paula and Coach McCoach

Is Coach's patriotic shirt pictured on a one or two-piece body?

The patriotic shirt is a 2-piece body but it does not have to be because it has shoulder straps on it.

This is a Charlie Childs pattern with some of my own variations.

A common pattern is a one-piece body with gussets underrepparttar sleeves with or without a collar usingrepparttar 140720 same pattern.

You can varyrepparttar 140721 widths ofrepparttar 140722 cuffs to copy original photographs. There is no standard pattern - even issued shirts were made off civilian patterns ofrepparttar 140723 day. The variation of shirts is mind-boggling. You will see everything.

The most common shirt has a placket front with about 3 buttons. But you will see shirts that button allrepparttar 140724 way down. There is everything from A to Z.

If you see a shirt in an original photo and you want to copy it, do it. The red, white, blue on this shirt was a copy. Patriotic shirts were a common theme.

All topstitching should be by hand.

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