Slot Machines

Written by Adel Awwad

On average, one third ofrepparttar casino's total revenue is generated by Slot machines. Compared to other casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, Slot machines have a number of advantages which explain their popularity among casino players. Some of these advantages includerepparttar 148484 following:

Easy to understand:

The Slot machine is probablyrepparttar 148485 easiest game to understand and play. One simply decides on how much money to place on each bet, and how many lines to bet on, before pressing a button. There are absolutely no skills required.

Cheaper to play:

Unlike a game of Blackjack or Roulette, whererepparttar 148486 minimum bet costs a few dollars, Slot machines offerrepparttar 148487 player minimum bets ranging from one cent to a few dollars per spin, therefore allowingrepparttar 148488 person to play up to one hundred games for only one dollar.

Play at your own pace:

There is no time limit between spins. A player may take one minute or one hour between each spin without experiencingrepparttar 148489 pressure of having to quickly place a bet beforerepparttar 148490 next game begins. This means thatrepparttar 148491 games can last as long asrepparttar 148492 player wishes.

Large variety of game themes:

There are literally hundreds of Slot machine designs with many different game themes, graphics, lights and sound features. Whilerepparttar 148493 nature ofrepparttar 148494 game is basicallyrepparttar 148495 same from one slot machine to another, being able to choose from a wide variety of different game themes makes each Slot machine seem rather unique.

Single player game:

Since it is a single player game, there is no pressure to play against others. One does not need to interact with any other person duringrepparttar 148496 course ofrepparttar 148497 game. This is a particularly attractive advantage for persons who are very shy or unable to speakrepparttar 148498 language.

The Steiff Teddy Bear Story

Written by Sharon Lauer

In 1847 in a small town in Giengen, Germany a baby girl was born. She was named Margaret Steiff. Her childhood vigor was cut short when she contracted polio atrepparttar age of 2. Although confined to a wheelchair forrepparttar 148457 rest of her life, she became a model for strength and determination. Margaret excelled in sewing and needlework and becamerepparttar 148458 proud owner ofrepparttar 148459 first sewing machine in Geingen. In 1879, she started her dressmaking business. Her dresses, coats and other clothing products were quickly in demand. In December of that year she came across a pattern for a toy elephant in a magazine. She made these as gifts for her family and close friends. Margaret used her expertise to develop other animal patterns and 1883 added them to her price list as a range of felt items. Her business continued to grow and in 1892 she began making soft filled bears, which would later be referred to as Teddy Bears. These bears resembled real bears, posing on all four paws with humped backs. Richard Steiff, Margaret's nephew, helped his aunt with design and production of her teddy bears and soft filled animals. An avid art student, he was a regular visitor ofrepparttar 148460 Stuttgart Zoo where he got ideas for animal designs. While touring America, Richard was inspired for a new design during a circus performance. The dancing bears gave himrepparttar 148461 idea of designing a toy bear which stood upright and was jointed, similar to how dolls were made.

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