Slot Machine Odds

Written by Tom McBroom

It probably more appropriate to call slot machines entertainment than gambling, asrepparttar house always - and we mean always - has an edge with slot machines.

The average slot machine payout ranges from an average of 85% to 99% of all coins bet. The lowerrepparttar 142336 denomination ofrepparttar 142337 machine,repparttar 142338 lowerrepparttar 142339 payout. This is becauserepparttar 142340 casino wants to make a certain amount per hour with its slots. With a one dollar slot machine,repparttar 142341 casino can payback perhaps 98% and make it's hourly goal. With a lower denomination machine, such as quarters or nickels,repparttar 142342 payout must be much lower to achieverepparttar 142343 same hourly pay forrepparttar 142344 casino

There are two types of slot machine payouts: flat rate and progressives. A flat rate machine paysrepparttar 142345 same percentage based on only that machine's results. With progressive machines, many machines are linked together electronically andrepparttar 142346 jackpot gets progressively largerrepparttar 142347 more players that play andrepparttar 142348 greaterrepparttar 142349 time in between winning jackpots.

Our advice is to playrepparttar 142350 flat rate machines and avoidrepparttar 142351 progressives. The odds against winningrepparttar 142352 jackpot are much higher on progressives. In many cases, your odds of winningrepparttar 142353 state lottery are better! Playrepparttar 142354 non-progressive machines where you at least have a chance atrepparttar 142355 jackpot.


The answer to this question depends on one thing: isrepparttar 142356 jackpot bigger proportionally for maximum coins bet? If it is, play maximum coins. If it isn't, then simply playrepparttar 142357 minimum and your money will last longer.

Cindy Alexander Breaks Through With New Album Angels & Demons

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: THE CORE Toni Profera and Bill Siddons 14724 Ventura Blvd. Penthouse Sherman Oaks, California 91403 Phone: 818-986-8040 Fax: 818-986-8041 E-Mail: PNUTSINGS@AOL.COM Website:

Sherman Oaks, California--06/06/05—Cindy Alexander has performed withrepparttar likes of The Bacon Brothers, Suzanne Vega, Bob Schneider, Ben Taylor, The Bangles, Edwin McCain, Marc Cohn, Howard Jones and Dishwalla. The list is impressive. What is even more astounding than her record of accomplishment isrepparttar 142177 incredible new album Angels & Demons. With a knock em’ dead vocal range, charismatic presence, and a D.Y.I. Indie spirit that burns bright, this gal is carving a path for herself with honest to goodness hard work. She does it all from running her website, marketing music, and arranging for performances. Her energy and attitude are contagious to everyone around her. Her name is getting out there with more impact than ever before and as her career gathers momentum so does her music.

2004 was not a bad year for Cindy either. She walked away with several esteemed awards including…Songwriter ofrepparttar 142178 Year – JPF Music Awards, Best Female Rock Vocalist – All Access Music Awards and Special Achievement Pop Artist – L.A. Music Awards. If this is any indication of what is in store, 2005 promises to be a breakthrough year.

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