Slot Machine Basics 101

Written by Eric Madsen

Let's begin with a little bit of basic knowledge about slot machines.

Modern Slot Machines work on a computer program that randomly selects winning combinations. Winning percentages and odds are set byrepparttar manufacturer and are calculated by millions of spins made with computer simulations.

A Slot Machine is a mechanical device employing three, four, five, or more circular reels of varying dimensions. Each of these reels has several symbols, either painted on or attached to it. Most common designs are Cherries, Bars,repparttar 150690 Jackpot Symbol, andrepparttar 150691 Number 7.

Theme Machines are very popular, using red, white, and blue 7's symbol which trade on American patriotism. To better understand Slot Machine Strategies and how Winning at Slot Machines can be easy, you must first know what kind of Slot Machine you are playing and understand Slot Machine Strategy.

Three Reels vs. Four Reels

Common sense should dictate that it is far easier to line up three matching symbols for a Slot Machine win, than four. To get four of anything is very hard, even on liberal Video Poker. On a Reel Slot Machine, three 7's can be achieved much more often than four 7's on a Four-Reel machine. Look for Three Reel machines to play.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slot Machines are usually Four-Reel machines which offer an open-ended jackpot that increases in value after each pull on every machine within a linked group. The top jackpot can be won only ifrepparttar 150692 maximum number of coins is played and allrepparttar 150693 winning symbols correctly line up onrepparttar 150694 pay line. Progressive Slots do not pay off very often, however if you want to play a Progressive Slots, pick one whose Primary and Secondary jackpots are at a high level.

Two-Coin vs. Three-Coin Machines

In a Two-Coin machine, forrepparttar 150695 top jackpot, or maybe evenrepparttar 150696 top two or three jackpots,repparttar 150697 second-coin play will pay considerably more than just doublerepparttar 150698 one-coin jackpot. For example: top jackpot payoff on a Two-Coin machine is three 7's, paying $1,000,repparttar 150699 same three 7's pays only $400 if you played only one coin. The Three Coin machine will show much higher payoffs forrepparttar 150700 top jackpots withrepparttar 150701 three coins played. Three-Coin machines might look more lucrative in their payoff than Two-Coin machines, but don't be fooled! The player also has to bet more to getrepparttar 150702 higher payout. Consequently,repparttar 150703 player will lose more money. One final piece of advice: whatever slot you play, Two-Coin, Three-Coin, Four-Coin, etc., always playrepparttar 150704 maximum number of coins. If you don't, you are not maximizing your winnings.

A Beer

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

A Beer:

‘Hello my name is’, an introduction to a game A ‘pas de deux’ or maybe a ‘ménage a trois’ Will we ever see ego’s great flaw All people are really justrepparttar same Be you called Arab or labeled another name Can we as humanity get beyond Join Thoreau at Walden Pond Feelrepparttar 150663 calm and Peace surround Free our hopes from sacred ground.

Take off our face To feelrepparttar 150664 Grace Afforded allrepparttar 150665 human race Move past Jason and his gold Welcome Jesus fromrepparttar 150666 cold.

Society is replete with these greetings Seldom leading to true meetings Though time is spent To some extent Thinking, feeling Not just stealing I must conclude most situations Eschew so much and bring frustrations Due largely to a lack of truthful teaching That each of us must dare to be reaching!

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