Slaying the Green Eyed Monster

Written by Sam Stevens

One ofrepparttar questions that I am asked most often onrepparttar 130016 realm, is colour of candle should I burn for what purpose? And when ...

As there is no book out there called Candle Burning for Dummies, I thought I would give you a quick crash course inrepparttar 130017 correspondences of colour candles to magickal purposes. As a practicing witchlet,repparttar 130018 first thing you must do is learn how to

a) pray your heart out and b) laugh maniacally.

As far as Iım concerned, no spell is complete without fervent wishing and praying followed by a maniacal laugh (to sealrepparttar 130019 spell.)

The second thing you must do is familiarize yourself withrepparttar 130020 phases ofrepparttar 130021 moon. It is best to do most magic fromrepparttar 130022 New Moon torepparttar 130023 Full Moon period whenrepparttar 130024 moon is waxing. During this period, cosmic or astral energy is building and this is best for if you want to attract something to you ... like a lover, more money, more gerbils or whatever. Fromrepparttar 130025 period ofrepparttar 130026 Full Moon torepparttar 130027 next New Moon is best for banishing spells -- getting rid of negativity, stalkers andrepparttar 130028 like. has a nice ephemeris on it that tells you whererepparttar 130029 moon is each day. This site also tells you whenrepparttar 130030 moon is what is called ³void of course²... you donıt want to start burning a candle while this is going lest your cosmic energy go astray ... of course if you have a question about whether a night is a good night to burn a candle, you can always email one ofrepparttar 130031 psychics (Mary Helene, Ruella, David, Lydia and myself are good choices) to help you withrepparttar 130032 astrological aspects.

RED candles burnt duringrepparttar 130033 waxing mood period are used to attract more love, lust and drama into your life. They are especially good to burn duringrepparttar 130034 three days leading up torepparttar 130035 full moon to heightenrepparttar 130036 erotic tension. They can also be used duringrepparttar 130037 waning moon period to drive a rival away (especially if used in conjunction with black candle.) However this is manipulative magick and could have some bad karma attached to it.

ORANGE candles bring you love, joy, luck, happiness, feasting and luck with children and pets. Wanna go to more parties? This isrepparttar 130038 candle to burn.

GREEN candles increase cash flow and bring steady work. They represent growth, fertility, abundance and opportunity. Combined with a black candle duringrepparttar 130039 waning moon, they can help remove financial obstacles in your way.

YELLOW candles are for both spiritual and material riches and help align your will withrepparttar 130040 heart. This isrepparttar 130041 colour to burn you are confused about your career or professional matters...this isrepparttar 130042 colour you want. It can also help you buy that new fridge or car. PINK candles bring tenderness, equilibrium and help you manifestrepparttar 130043 higher qualities of love in your life -- patience, faith and compassion. Like orange, this can also be a fun candle and bring delight and surprises into your life. For a real lift, trying burning a yellow orange and pink candle together.

Your Guide to the Archangels

Written by Sam Stevens

An angel can be your best friend. Angels have been known respond to prayers that containrepparttar phrase "Hey, somebody, anybody up there HELP!!!" but they come quickest when addressed politely by their Christian names. Like a friend, as opposed to a servant, an angel also doesn't like to be bossed around. Angels are to be treated like guests who are invited into your most guests they tend to leave or ignore enviroments that are filled with aggression, anxiety anger and hostility. So before you call on an angel, it is important to meditate, and picture your own heart as a soft, tender and heavenly place ... a place you'd want to visit if you were a astral being. So before you call on an angel to do you a favour, it is important to meditate and maybe light a candle that is attractive to that particularbeing. Sorepparttar 130015 first thing you must do, when you call upon an angel, is prepare your heart to recieve its presence. Speakrepparttar 130016 angel's name out loud. Talk torepparttar 130017 angel like you would a treasured friend .. not like a withholding parent or an evil fairy that won't grant your wish. Don't demand immediate gratification and don't be so rude as to interrupt if you start to hear a message. If you are silent, respectful, fervent and loving, an angel will always give yourepparttar 130018 answer you need to solve your problem. You wouldn't ask a plumber to fix your car, so it is important to know which archangel is best at fixing which kind of problem. Each angel has a job, and exist on astral planes that correspond to different light rays. Make your request specific, and visualize what you would like if you can, but don't be attached torepparttar 130019 outcome. Angels are agents ofrepparttar 130020 Lord and like God, they work in mysterious ways... Here is a list ofrepparttar 130021 Seven Archangels, their functions and corresponding light rays: The ARCHANGEL MICHAEL isrepparttar 130022 ANGEL OF PROTECTION and corresponds torepparttar 130023 colour blue. Practically, you can ask him and his legions for protection from any kind of physical danger, accidents and attacks of all kinds including traffic accidents, stalkers, robbers, as well as protection from astral attacks, witchcraft andrepparttar 130024 evil eye. Spiritually he can help restore your faith in God and free you from fear and self-doubt. He also protects soldiers andrepparttar 130025 leaders of governent. The ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL isrepparttar 130026 ANGEL OF ILLUMINATION and corresponds torepparttar 130027 colour yellow. This angel can help free you and loved ones from addictions, improve your memory, help you pass tests and retain information and knowledge. Spiritually he can help you connect with your higher self and show yourepparttar 130028 way when it comes to make difficult decisions. This isrepparttar 130029 angel who exposes secrets and lies and helps fight pollution onrepparttar 130030 planet.

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