Slaves' Songs and Freedom

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

It may seem trite and naÔve to suggest we can userepparttar codes that slaves used in their Gospel songs to truly communicate. Unfortunately these black Americans now believerepparttar 140039 Gospels they used to make their masters think they were happy and going along withrepparttar 140040 slave driver. It may seem paranoid to suggest we are still slaves even if we have lots of goodies or three cars inrepparttar 140041 garage. The truth of our world civilization is not very civilized. The wars and borders that keep us fighting or seeking to be chosen above Ďothersí in some racist ideology that includes frequent genocides is real. All religions are obviously not trying to let people know that whatever God might be it does not vary from one place to another and all life is part of it. They must start saying they all worshiprepparttar 140042 same thing and tell their followers no one is better than anyone else.

This truth does not needrepparttar 140043 UN investigation ofrepparttar 140044 Rwanda events or what is going on in Ireland and Darfur or Iraq to let us knowrepparttar 140045 culprits includerepparttar 140046 US (NWO), Catholic Church and their Anglican Ďbrothersí. This truth of Synarchy that sees nations spying and warring on each other rather than allowing average people a chance to share inrepparttar 140047 technological opportunities of gene-therapeutic longevity, nanotechnological replacement of work, space colonization, and a host of ways to make everyone wealthy without taking money away from anyone; is not known torepparttar 140048 average person. The Ďpoliticosí sling mud as two ofrepparttar 140049 same club run forrepparttar 140050 office of US President while both are dedicated militarists who promise to protectrepparttar 140051 rights ofrepparttar 140052 few againstrepparttar 140053 rest ofrepparttar 140054 world. These Ďfrontsí for World Financial interests that have a long history of wanting power rather than productive means to share and build without destroying nature need a thorough examination. But people are confused andrepparttar 140055 media is managed byrepparttar 140056 same people who boughtrepparttar 140057 media to getrepparttar 140058 Fed (a private company of rogues) in power with no ability forrepparttar 140059 people to elect new leaders. How can we sing a new tune? Could we at least get our slave drivers (Politicos and media) to treat us with a little more respect and honesty? Please considerrepparttar 140060 ingenuity demonstrated byrepparttar 140061 black slaves of America and how we might start creating community and harmony rather than war and hatred. This excerpt from a book called Slavery andrepparttar 140062 Making of America deserves special attention I think.

ďThe relationship between a slave driver andrepparttar 140063 other slaves generally depended onrepparttar 140064 extent to which he was willing or able to circumvent his masterís wishes. A slave driver could also use his position torepparttar 140065 detriment ofrepparttar 140066 slaves, but he did so at his own peril. Although slaves had little power, they might exercise what collective power they had to punish a driver whom they thought was unfair. A notoriously brutal or unjust driver could find himself censured by his fellow slaves {Todayrepparttar 140067 truth tellers among us are facing censure it seems. Patriot Act II is notrepparttar 140068 only problem.} who refused to associate with him or even to talk to him. Other slaves might spread rumors about a driverís competence or his honesty torepparttar 140069 masterís house, undermining his authority; or he might have a work-related accident. The driverís position forced him to balance retainingrepparttar 140070 masterís trust with havingrepparttar 140071 respect and cooperation of his fellow slaves. (11)

Gift Giving For Baby

Written by Wayne Liu

Your friend or relative is going to have a baby. Couldn't think of what to give? Here are some tips to help you shop for a gift.

Since they are you friends or relatives, chances are you know their lifestyle. Do they like to travel or like taking day trips torepparttar amusement parks or zoos? If yes, backpack diaper bag is a good idea. A backpack diaper bag frees up both hands and it looks good on both man and woman. Baby carrier is another good choice for gift for active parents. Think about other travel accessories like shopping cart strap, stroller cup holder and other small but useful traveling gadgets. Portable booster is a good idea too. It is always cleaner thanrepparttar 139779 ones you find in most restaurants.

Most new parents experience some sleep deprivation. A baby swing can help lull babies to sleep more easily. New mom and dad can then get some much needed sleep too. A baby play center can keep baby entertained and occupied in a safe environment while mommy can relax or get some house work done. Baby can be entertained with a bouncer or a mobile. A music CD for babies will help keep baby entertained too.

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