Slavery Was Useful

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


The bulk of this chapter will be taken from a book aboutrepparttar War of 1812. I must deconstructrepparttar 139359 generalities and interpretrepparttar 139360 meaning as it relates to our investigation of hegemony and cronyism or Synarchy. Officers inrepparttar 139361 wars of these times got a percentage ofrepparttar 139362 booty their underlings took. They also were frequently aligned withrepparttar 139363 enemy or other side as you can see inrepparttar 139364 movie Braveheart. The Black Market in modern wars has a lot ofrepparttar 139365 same kind of thing. This incentive to go to war has a lot of impact on us still. The British had just taken about 2,000 slaves or ‘runaways’ from near Baltimore to be part ofrepparttar 139366 workforce inrepparttar 139367 Canadian Maritime Provinces. As we have noted already,repparttar 139368 American Enlightenment Experiment had come about when Nobles in America saw their British cousins were freeing their slaves. It was notrepparttar 139369 only reason to secede but it was probably more important thanrepparttar 139370 reasons usually presented in American immigration exams or schools. Sometimes it is cheaper not to have to care for your workforce if you have a system that keeps them in place.

“New Orleans, located a hundred miles uprepparttar 139371 Mississippi River, was a particularly tempting target. With a population of almost 25,000, it wasrepparttar 139372 largest city west ofrepparttar 139373 Appalachian Mountains. It was alsorepparttar 139374 principal outlet for western commodities, and millions of dollars of produce was blockaded inrepparttar 139375 port. Scottish naval officers like Cochrane were known to have a keen eye for booty, andrepparttar 139376 British brought large cargo ships with them to carry off their plunder. (1) Indeed, British prisoners of war and deserters claimed thatrepparttar 139377 watch-word and countersign onrepparttar 139378 morning ofrepparttar 139379 Battle of New Orleans was ‘beauty and booty’. (2)

Initially British officials saw this campaign as a means of taking pressure of Canada. But byrepparttar 139380 timerepparttar 139381 operation got under way,repparttar 139382 objective had changed. General Ross—who was supposed to leadrepparttar 139383 expedition—was instructed ‘To obtain command ofrepparttar 139384 embouchure [mouth] ofrepparttar 139385 Mississippi, so as to depriverepparttar 139386 back settlements of America of their communication withrepparttar 139387 sea’ and ‘to occupy some important and valuable possession, byrepparttar 139388 restoration of whichrepparttar 139389 conditions of peace might be improved, or which we might be entitled to exactrepparttar 139390 cession of, asrepparttar 139391 price of peace.’ Ross was to encouragerepparttar 139392 free inhabitants to revolt but was to make no binding promises aboutrepparttar 139393 future. ‘[Y]ou must give them clearly to understand that Great Britain cannot pledge herself to makerepparttar 139394 independence of Louisiana, or its restoration torepparttar 139395 Spanish Crown, a sine qua non of peace withrepparttar 139396 United States.’(3)

As a preliminary torepparttar 139397 main expedition, in May of 1814 Cochrane dispatched a shipload of arms to Indians onrepparttar 139398 Apalachicola River in Spanish Florida.” (4)

So we are able to ask a lot of questions at this juncture I hope.

We know thatrepparttar 139399 race card was being used by Britain in this war and there are reasons to think thatrepparttar 139400 founding ofrepparttar 139401 United State had more to do with slavery inrepparttar 139402 first place than any Tea Party or taxes. Britain had outlawed slavery a decade beforerepparttar 139403 US was created. Slavery in Greece was worse than at any time inrepparttar 139404 US or elsewhere, although Columbus (an agent ofrepparttar 139405 Holy Alliance and Hibernian or Alumbrados forces) certainly did more than most Greek states in this regard. He was engaging in mass genocide on purpose so I do not consider it mere slavery.

Eurovision Song Contest - End this Embarassment

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Tonight I resigned myself torepparttar fact that this isrepparttar 139300 last Eurovision Song Contest I shall ever watch. In fairnessrepparttar 139301 only reason I did watch it was due to media reports mentioning that steps had been taken to try and mitigaterepparttar 139302 blatant vote rigging that takes place each timerepparttar 139303 contest is aired. I should have known better.

I supposerepparttar 139304 early warning signs were there before I even sat down to witness this debacle. My mother has long stopped watchingrepparttar 139305 show. When I spoke to her onrepparttar 139306 phone about it, this once avid viewer and follower ofrepparttar 139307 Eurovision Song Contest had lost interest entirely. To make matters worse,repparttar 139308 girls inrepparttar 139309 local chippie laughed when I mentioned it.

Greece wasrepparttar 139310 hot favourite, and in fairness, they presented a polished and well balanced song and dance routine that was ideal forrepparttar 139311 Eurovision Song Contest. In balance though, for as many years as I can remember, Greece has always awarded Cyprus 12 points and Cyprus has always awarded Greece 12 points. Shame on them both. That supposedly respectful countries like Greece, members ofrepparttar 139312 EEC, can resort to such blatant and obvious vote rigging beggars belief.

I am not saying there are no honest voters. There almost certainly are, but they are few and far between. The highlight ofrepparttar 139313 evening was when a very distinctive booing was heard fromrepparttar 139314 crowd when Greece gave Cyprus its 12 points. Furthermore, not a token gesture of thanks, recognition or approval from Greece to Turkey, which contrary torepparttar 139315 actions of its full EEC member Greece, had givenrepparttar 139316 Greek entry a full 12 votes. Bravo Turkey!

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