Slavery, 'Colon'- ization & the fall of ethical family structure

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Catalan is not far from Rennes le Chateau. It is near to certain that Columbus’ family were important Catalan ship owners or Admirals for millennia whenrepparttar Tartessus/Iberian corporate Empire existed. Even Britannica admits he is Jewish which would indicate Cathar development was part of this family’s involvement. There should be much more research done intorepparttar 146541 Huguenot involvement of this family leading to other Merovingians in later eras like John Jacob Astor. The Lafittes also had to flee Spain during one ofrepparttar 146542 programs to get Jewish people’s assets. But remember that none of these people are very exact about who or what a Jew is other than a religious cult that practices esoteric rituals which they also practice in their inner sanctums.

Slavery was big business and it is debatable whether things were any better thanrepparttar 146543 days when Greece used up so many lives in their mining operations that Joseph of Arimathaea duplicated for Rome. I have great respect for Cathar ecumenicism, women priests, free education, free medicine and other ways or means to give people insight to their human purpose and soul. But there are elements of The Halakah and other rituals of Judaism which are not in line with what my sensibilities tell me is right forrepparttar 146544 management of society. But that kind of thinking would allow Joseph of Arimathaea to operate Roman slave mines wouldn’t it?

One of these rationales isrepparttar 146545 ability to visualize a hierarchy of human rights that allowsrepparttar 146546 existence of slavery or servitude in any form, such asrepparttar 146547 still existent 19th Century Scale of Nature. Early in his life evenrepparttar 146548 well-educated Thomas Jefferson thought black people came about due to some white man mating with an orangutan. But clearlyrepparttar 146549 Cathars were better than all other Old World Nations. The same can be said ofrepparttar 146550 Jews and their treatment of their women to some degree. Yes, women were made chattel and slaves or servants torepparttar 146551 hierarchy of men in Europe and Asia. It allowedrepparttar 146552 little men to feel powerful even though their leaders and Nobles could come by and screw their daughters andrepparttar 146553 priests had ample supply of Scarlet Women and ‘bastards’ to abuse due torepparttar 146554 break up ofrepparttar 146555 extended family which had protected children in Keltic times. It was still going on in Ireland duringrepparttar 146556 last decade ofrepparttar 146557 20th Century as forced labor with illegitimates and their mothers were providing laundry cleaning in prisons or what could be called concentration camps.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Written by Bo Guo

Each Chinese New Year begins onrepparttar day of first new moon. Inrepparttar 146482 western year 2005,repparttar 146483 new moon began on February 9. It wasrepparttar 146484 Chinese year 4702. In actuality, most Chinese began usingrepparttar 146485 western, or solar, calendar inrepparttar 146486 early twentieth century, except on important holidays. Many ofrepparttar 146487 calendars in China show bothrepparttar 146488 solar dates ofrepparttar 146489 western calendar andrepparttar 146490 lunar dates ofrepparttar 146491 Chinese calendar. Chinese astrology is based onrepparttar 146492 twelve cycles ofrepparttar 146493 moon.

The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve animals, rather thanrepparttar 146494 solar signs used inrepparttar 146495 west. Inrepparttar 146496 Chinese calendar each period lasts for a full cycle ofrepparttar 146497 moon, from new to full. There are twelve complete lunar cycles in a Chinese zodiac year, but one animal symbolizesrepparttar 146498 entire year. According to their calendar,repparttar 146499 Chinese complete a cycle every twelve years. So if you were born inrepparttar 146500 year ofrepparttar 146501 rat, you would celebrate your zodiac birthday every twelve years, and your Chinese zodiac sign would berepparttar 146502 rat. Inrepparttar 146503 west your astrological sign appears once each year.

The calendar and its animals were created from an ancient legend. It tells us thatrepparttar 146504 animals were all fighting about who was going to be inrepparttar 146505 prime (first) position onrepparttar 146506 Chinese calendar. The gods devised a test in whichrepparttar 146507 animals would compete for their position by swimming across a river. Another version says thatrepparttar 146508 Buddha requested visits byrepparttar 146509 animals before he left earth. He namedrepparttar 146510 moon cycles afterrepparttar 146511 animals in order of appearance. Sorepparttar 146512 Chinese zodiac symbol is a circle divided into twelve equal sections; think of it as if you were marking off slices of a pie. There is a picture ofrepparttar 146513 animal representing that Chinese zodiac sign in each section. The calendar’s use dates clear back to 2600 BC.

The animals used in Chinese astrology are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (goat), monkey, rooster, dog, and boar (pig). Persons born during their cycle are said to take on their animal traits:

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