Skin-tastic facts!

Written by Audrey King

Skin-tastic facts! ©Audrey King

One ofrepparttar hardest hygienic chores is to generate and keep healthy skin.

It takes work but it's not unattainable.

A daily routine is all you need and must have while drinking plenty of water each and every day.

But first, let's get to knowrepparttar 149307 skin your in.

~Facts~ Skin isrepparttar 149308 largest organ ofrepparttar 149309 body made up of two layers. The top layer isrepparttar 149310 epidermis which protects us against infections and dehydration. The second layer is calledrepparttar 149311 dermis and it's job is to keep it's elasticity needed for body movement.

Morbidly thinking, ifrepparttar 149312 skin were removed, it would weigh about nine pounds and stretch out to approximately 20 square feet. Each tiny square inch is full of 100 oil glands with 15 feet of blood vessels and two kinds of sweat glands.

(Do you think this is why we must keep maintaining itrepparttar 149313 right way? Um... Yeah, I'd say so.)

~Seek and you shall find~ Findingrepparttar 149314 right skin care products is like findingrepparttar 149315 perfect mate.

What works for one person may not berepparttar 149316 best for another.

Either way, it's a “must do” to protect and help keep skin healthy at all times and sometimes at any cost. Now, that's not saying that you must buy expensive products and laser surgeries once a year. Although, a dermatologist should be seen as any other yearly examination or check up.

It's best to shop around and use by trial and error to see which products work personally.

(Allrepparttar 149317 better, if you find that your “perfect mate product” can be found atrepparttar 149318 dollar store!)

~A cleaner you, is a healthier you~ Make sure you have a cleanser that cleans thoroughly, for one. Every once in awhile, soap up with a soft wash cloth or invest in an exfoiliating towel. (Yes, I said towel. And use it withrepparttar 149319 soap.)

Mediterranean Diet - What is it?

Written by Roy Barker

Well, to begin with, there isn't really any one Mediterranean Diet! There's a whole swag of countries borderingrepparttar Mediterranean Sea. The basic Mediterranean Diet has common characteristics even ifrepparttar 149306 sourrounding countries differ in culture, language and recipes to some extent.

* an extensive intake of fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds * olive oil is a source of mono-unsaturated fat - common torepparttar 149307 Mediterranean area * some dairy products, fish and even poultry are consumed in sparing to moderate amounts, and some red meat(not much) * eggs are consumed in low to moderate amount say 1 to 4 eggs a week * fortunately wine is acceptable but in low quantities ie. 1 - 3 glasses per day

A good question to ask is - Does a Mediterranean-style diet follow American Heart Association dietary guidelines?

Mediterranean-style diets are often close to US dietary guidelines, but not exactly.

People who followrepparttar 149308 average Mediterranean diet eat less saturated fat than those who eatrepparttar 149309 average American diet. In fact, saturated fat consumption is well within US dietary guidelines. More than halfrepparttar 149310 fat calories in a Mediterranean diet come from mono-unsaturated fats (mainly from olive oil). Mono-unsaturated fat doesn't raise blood cholesterol levelsrepparttar 149311 way saturated fat does.

The incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean countries is lower than inrepparttar 149312 United States. Death rates are lower, too. However there are some who feel this may not be entirely due torepparttar 149313 diet. Lifestyle factors (ie. more physical activity and extended social family support structures) may also play a part. At this stage this is just a theory. Howeverrepparttar 149314 research tells all -repparttar 149315 diet has existed for umpteen years.

If you would like further proof ofrepparttar 149316 mediterranean diet benefits resulting from research and qualified researchers you could try visiting or Both of these sites give good 'food for thought'(excuserepparttar 149317 pun).

"Olive oil plays a central role, but it is not alone," says Dimitrios Trichopoulos, MD, PhD, of Harvard School of Public Health.

"It's amongrepparttar 149318 divine mix of several factors that, when used in combination, help provide strong evidence of something that is very important -- eatingrepparttar 149319 proper diet can significantly reduce your risk of early death."

He and researchers from Greece studied some 22,000 adults, aged 20 to 86, from all regions of that country; most previous studies tracked only older people who were more likely to die duringrepparttar 149320 study. The participants answered detailed questionnaires about their eating habits throughoutrepparttar 149321 four-year study. Then they were rated on how closely they followedrepparttar 149322 key principles ofrepparttar 149323 Mediterranean diet.

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