Skilled Nursing Homes - What Are They?

Written by Alex Jensen

A skilled nursing home is a medical facility providing services similar to a hospital. The homes are staffed with licensed nurses, shared rooms, hospital beds, regular scheduled doctor rounds, meals and housekeeping. Skilled nursing homes often provide a more pleasant setting with optimal nurse to patient ratios and relaxed atmospheres.

Skilled nursing homes provide both long-term and short-term care solutions for seniors. Unlike Assisted Living or Board and Care homes, skilled nursing homes provide solutions for patients with complex medical issues that require 24-hour supervision. These issues can include mental issues such as dementia and physical issues such as major infections, wound care, IV therapy, tube feeding and physical/occupational therapy. Skilled nursing facilities are also a common solution for seniors that are unable to care for themselves on daily basis such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

A skilled nursing home typically provides a team approach when providing medical care to patients. A licensed individual, usually calledrepparttar “administrator”, overseesrepparttar 139233 departments comprisingrepparttar 139234 skilled nursing home. A licensed Director of Nursing [“D.O.N.”] is then responsible forrepparttar 139235 administration of each department providing care to residents. Each D.O.N. is directly involved inrepparttar 139236 medical care of each patient. Their duties include overseeing nurses, interacting with physicians and resolving any patient-related issues. In essence,repparttar 139237 D.O.N. isrepparttar 139238 person overseeingrepparttar 139239 day-to-day medical care ofrepparttar 139240 patient.

Getting A Credit Card Is A Big Responsibility

Written by Connie Gutchrif

Owning a credit card can be quite an advantage. Whether making online purchases, booking an air ticket or a hotel room onrepparttar phone or simply being in need of some emergency cash, having a credit card can be a big help. However, getting a credit card is also a huge responsibility and if you don't keep an eye on your spending habits, credit cards can create some serious problems. Here is an excellent list of tips on proper credit card use and if you follow these, you will likely stay out of trouble and your credit card will be a blessing instead of a curse:

1. When you make a purchase withrepparttar 139070 credit card, it is akin to taking a loan from your bank. What you have borrowed has to be returned - so do not borrow beyond your capacity to pay it back.

2. Always be aware of your outstanding credit card balances. This will help you determine whether you can make additional purchases. Even small purchases can really add up to big balances and substantial interest charges.

3.Any credit card receipts should be kept until you can compare them to your monthly statement. If you find any purchases you did not make, or higher charges than those onrepparttar 139071 receipt, contact your credit card company immediately.

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