Six ways to build high self confidence

Written by Emmanuel Segui

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui

Unstoppable confidence isrepparttar unshakable belief in yourself and what you are capable of. With confidence, people pursue their goals and persevere until they achieve them. Without confidence, time passes asrepparttar 144856 people stay stuck in their rigid comfort zones, unable to escape. Here are six ways to build high self-confidence.

1. Clarify your values and set goals

Your values arerepparttar 144857 guiding forces that tell you what is important to you. your values will determine many things such as how you act within your family, community and culture, The decisions you make, how you behave,repparttar 144858 habits you develop,repparttar 144859 ideals you hold dear,repparttar 144860 rules you live by andrepparttar 144861 goals you dream of achieving.

You can feel great about yourself by setting goals for yourself and trying to meet them. Try a new dance, audition forrepparttar 144862 school play, or learn about careers in which you may be interested. Your self-esteem will improve when you have a goal to work toward. So go ahead: dream and plan.

2. Success in personal relationship: practice self-acceptance for greater self esteem.

We're all unique. Having good self-esteem means that you love, respect, and trust yourself. You feel confident about who you are. Your self-esteem is something very personal. It'srepparttar 144863 way that you feel about yourself and how you think that others feel about you. Everyone has something that makes them special. What makes you special?

3. Communicating effectively with others

Learning how to communicate effectively is one ofrepparttar 144864 best things that you can do. It's important to know how to express your feelings and thoughts to others clearly and directly. You can deal with different situations and make good decisions by learning how to communicate well. Sharing your feelings is hard to do, but communication isrepparttar 144865 key to understanding.

A large part of knowing how to express yourself involves knowing how to be firm when it's time to express your feelings. This means being assertive. You can state your opinions, stand up for others, and ask for something you want or need without apologies.

The Power of Normalizing

Written by Anne Alexander

Copyright 2005 Anne Alexander

Even if you donít follow golf, read on for an amazing story aboutrepparttar power of normalizing.

Hilary Lunke had been onrepparttar 144826 professional womenís golf circuit for only two years after graduating with a Masters in Sociology from Stanford University. In 2003, she had to play two rounds inrepparttar 144827 days precedingrepparttar 144828 US Open just to qualify to play since her cumulative scores didnít automatically qualify her. She qualified by just one stroke.

Amazingly, on July 7, 2003, Lunke becamerepparttar 144829 2003 US Open winner. She won over $500,000, which was over $225,000 more thanrepparttar 144830 2nd place finisher, whom she beat by one stroke.

How did she pull this off? In her interviews it seemedrepparttar 144831 key factor was that she normalized each shot in her mind, takingrepparttar 144832 pressure off. What is normalizing? Itís making a situation or activity seem ordinary rather than extraordinary. If itís something weíre familiar with, weíre usually less intimidated by it.

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