Six points you got to keep in mind before exchanging links

Written by Mukesh

Link exchanges have become quite famous overrepparttar years and have become synonymous with search engine optimization. But not many of us actually understandrepparttar 131719 truth behind link exchanges and how they actually work. Given below are six important points that you got to keep in mind while exchanging links.

Important Points to keep in mind while exchanging links

1.) Checkrepparttar 131720 page rank ofrepparttar 131721 webpage on which your link is placed

Page rank is synonymous with individual web-pages and do not apply torepparttar 131722 entire website. So make sure that your links are placed on web-pages having a good page rank. Placing links on a web-page that has a page rank of ‘0’ and a homepage rank of ‘5’ is no good.

2.) Checkrepparttar 131723 number of links present onrepparttar 131724 webpage

Placing your links on web-pages that have comparatively lesser link-backs will fetch more value to your website than placing links on a webpage swarmed with links.

3.) Add proper anchor Text to your link

Merely placingrepparttar 131725 link on other websites does not give you much returns. The best way to do this is by using keywords in terms of anchor texts. For instance, instead of write ‘professional templates’ asrepparttar 131726 anchor text and provide a link to it.

Rich Webmaster, Poor Webmaster - Website tips

Written by Carl Harper

To have a presence onrepparttar internet, one ofrepparttar 131716 most important aspects torepparttar 131717 success of your website isrepparttar 131718 name ofrepparttar 131719 domain. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a quality name that both representsrepparttar 131720 contents of your site and can be easily remembered due torepparttar 131721 sheer amount of websites onrepparttar 131722 internet today.

If you are an experienced Webmaster or starting out forrepparttar 131723 very first time to create your Website then ensure you getrepparttar 131724 headstart you need with a well chosen domain name.

Domains (usually referred to as Website name) can be purchased outright and some companies now even allow you to rent them.

Our tips for starting out with a Website once you have your ideal Website name are as follows;

(1) Promote your site through search engine submission as you will not get many visitors if no-one knows you exist. Ensure you do not repeat words too much and spend time on your meta tags to ensure you are search engine friendly.

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