Six Ways To Profit From Public Domain Information

Written by Mark Tse

Ever wondered why Walt Disney never got sued for intellectual property theft?

C’mon,repparttar guy ripped off so many Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales! And he never paidrepparttar 144304 said authors any royalty fees! Granted that they’re dead, but shouldn’t their families be entitled to proceeds from their works? Such would be a small price to pay, consideringrepparttar 144305 accumulated wealth of Walt Disney’s billion dollar enterprise.

But alas, Mr. Walt Disney, you see, is a marketing genius. He knew how to exploitrepparttar 144306 allowable usage of public domain information, and he built for himself an empire inrepparttar 144307 process.

And if Walt Disney can do it, so can you! After all, we all have access to public domain information. We don’t even need a touch of that famous Disney magic. We just have to weave our own creative spin on things.

But first,repparttar 144308 basics…

Public domain information is defined as any body of creative works and other knowledge that is not protected by US copyright laws. Copyright protection needs further verification, but by force of statute, works done prior to 1923 are public domain information. The law also includes works done prior to 1978, for as long asrepparttar 144309 life ofrepparttar 144310 author plus seventy years does not exceedrepparttar 144311 current year.

The term “body of creative works and other knowledge” includes literary works, music, movies, artworks, scientific ideas, and inventions, just to name a few. So, quite literally, public domain information is an ocean of many promises and splendid discoveries for anyone who would decide to dip their feet in its inviting waters.

And public domain information is free. Everything that you’ll earn from it is net profit!

Walt Disney made good use of public domain information by making updating old classics into movies forrepparttar 144312 new, during his time at least, generation. That wasrepparttar 144313 creative spin he used to market works that are quite archaic to make them seem new and fresh. He found his audience, and he made his fortunes. There’s no reason why you can’t do it.

Ah, budget constraints you say. But we are internet marketers, dear friend. That’srepparttar 144314 beauty ofrepparttar 144315 web, you see. Seldom do we have to spend a substantial amount to invest on something. Many avenues are available for us to make good use of free public domain information!

Here are some ways to use public domain information. They would surely earn you significant gains!

1. Republish old literary works as e-books. The classics you see in bookstores are prime examples of earning from public domain information. The publishers did not have to buyrepparttar 144316 rights forrepparttar 144317 books they have decided to distribute. You could dorepparttar 144318 same with e-books. Search your local library for old works, and scan them. Convertrepparttar 144319 images to text with a text bridge program, edit errors, package them nice in .pdf format, and you’re all set to market a royalties-free product!

The Value of 4 Color Business Cards Printing

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

Business cards arerepparttar front line image of your business. To get a good first impression when approaching a new client isrepparttar 144241 most important aspect in every business. If your business card does not clearly convey how important your company or job within a company is afterrepparttar 144242 first contact, then how can you make a lasting impression? There is clearly no easier way to make a good first impression than having a high quality business card presented to them. And since most of us will judge a business by their image, it is necessary that your business card shows professionalism and high quality.

Most printers utilize professional printing presses and superior materials in 4 color business cards printing. The quality ofrepparttar 144243 business cards on which your design is printed is just as important asrepparttar 144244 design itself. Many software providers focusing exclusively on business card design and layout will provide you with free business card templates that are built into their product. Business card templates are a great starting point for your business card designs. Keep in mind that you are not dependent on business card-only software products. You can make use of industry leading desktop publishing products such as Adobe Illustrator, or layout programs such as QuarkXpress to build your design. In fact, there are free business card templates available online that you can download to several popular programs.

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