Six Ways To Create Income With Your Web Site

Written by Dr. Roger Boatwright

1. Sell advertising space on your web site. You could sell banner or classified ads. If you want to make more money, sell sponser ads that get top placement orrepparttar best exposure.

2. If you have enough web space, you could rent other people web pages. You could also give them away for free and make money by including your banner ad onrepparttar 146921 web pages.

3. Charge people a fee to access part of your web site. People will pay you money for your web site content if it's valuable to them. The content can be ebooks, reports, software, etc.

4. Sell your own products or services. They should be related to your target audience. You want to be able to take credit cards on your site and deliver your product to them as fast as possible.

Dedicated Server: Smart Web Hosting Choice

Written by Paras Shah

Author: Paras Shah Email: Website:

Hosting your personal or business web sites on your own dedicated server may seems expensive choice in comparison to shared web hosting, but atrepparttar end, it proves a smart choice. Shared web hosting, no matter how well managed, cannot be 100% reliable and stable. However if you have your own dedicated server you can manage to avoid most ofrepparttar 146897 variables affectingrepparttar 146898 reliability and stability of a server, commonly experienced by shared hosting accounts; variables such as: overload, bad codes and scripts from other users (especially beginners); and, too many applications and components uploaded, and so on.

On a dedicated server you will install only software and applications you want to use, while on a shared hosting server you will find a host of other software and applications installed for other users.

Byrepparttar 146899 very nature ofrepparttar 146900 account, a dedicated server: reduces your dependency onrepparttar 146901 web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. With dedicated server hosting you can provide instant support to your own clients whenever required, which is not possible if you are on a shared server. A reliable and fast support service is vital for your own business growth just likerepparttar 146902 stability and reliability you wish for your own website. In business, reliability is reflected through word-of-mouth as one ofrepparttar 146903 most effective promotional activities.

For people with clients, such as Graphic Designers and Web Designers a dedicated server is invaluable. A dedicated server will bring extra income intorepparttar 146904 studio, not just as a hosting facility, but, as a designer knows only too well, forrepparttar 146905 extra ‘bread and butter’ income value. If you have 24hour access to your own dedicated server then you can adjust, correct or update a clients website in minutes, allowing you to keeprepparttar 146906 dollar back in your studio and not in someone else’s. Ready availability results in reduced labour costs forrepparttar 146907 client, but higher studio-income frequency forrepparttar 146908 designer. Hence you will seerepparttar 146909 return of all your regular offline clients, bringing their web work with them.

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