Six Things To Know Before Joining A CD Club

Written by Deal Dude

(1) The BMG Music Club offersrepparttar best deal you'll find online, which is receiving 11 CDs forrepparttar 135736 price of shipping ($2.79 each) when you buy one CD at full club price, which is typically about $15 plus shipping. However,repparttar 135737 selection may not be as extensive as its chief competitor, Columbia House, which has many of its own exclusive artists. If you purchase onlyrepparttar 135738 minimum, you will pay just $4 per CD at BMG and about $8 per CD at Columbia House.

(2) When you joinrepparttar 135739 club, you will receive a catalog inrepparttar 135740 mail about every three weeks, along with a postcard that highlights a "featured" selection inrepparttar 135741 genre you selected when you joined (e.g., rock, country, jazz, classical, Christian, rap, pop, Latin). You must return this postcard byrepparttar 135742 due date orrepparttar 135743 club will send yourepparttar 135744 featured selection. You can now decline (or accept) your featured selection online, however, by logging into your CD club account. This makesrepparttar 135745 process much, much easier. Once you have been a member for a while, you also can callrepparttar 135746 clubs and ask them to change your membership from an "order-only" option, or from "negative option" to "positive option." This just means you won't have to returnrepparttar 135747 card.

(3) If you forget to returnrepparttar 135748 card and receive a CD you don't want,repparttar 135749 clubs are good about letting you return it. Butrepparttar 135750 beauty of this system forrepparttar 135751 clubs is that this happens often enough and many people donít bother sending it back. They just payrepparttar 135752 bill.

(4) Whenrepparttar 135753 clubs advertise in magazines or newspapers, they only list a limited selection of their available titles. If you don't seerepparttar 135754 CDs you want, visit their online sites to browse allrepparttar 135755 titles (12,000 or more) when making your selections. Then copy downrepparttar 135756 item number ofrepparttar 135757 CDs intorepparttar 135758 form. Be aware, however, that some CDs will not be available as free selections. This is often because of contractual obligations withrepparttar 135759 clubs andrepparttar 135760 artists that don't allow them to give away certain CDs. Also,repparttar 135761 clubs usually do not haverepparttar 135762 latest and greatest albums until three or six months after their release.

Activities to Help You Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right

Written by Sadie Peterson

At some time or another, all of us find ourselves in a bit of a dating rut. Follow these steps to easily expand your social circle.

1.Dorepparttar things you love Ė Too many of us donít go out and do things because we donít like doing them alone. But I make it a point to go kayaking regularly, renting a kayak from a local shop. Why? Because this will put you in contact with other people who share your interests. And, of course, youíll be talking to these people, as instructed in Step 1. Also, no matter what your hobby, your local shop will probably have a bulletin board listing outings and activities of interest, giving you more ideas for meeting new people. Askrepparttar 135643 counter clerk whether he knows of anyone who meets for your specific hobby. Iíve found several informal social kayaking groups this way.

2.Start something Ė This isnít for everyone, but if youíre a great organizer, find a project. Do you notice that your new apartment complex or neighborhood never has any get-togethers? Why not plan one yourself, and hand out flyers? Or maybe you love scrapbooking, but canít seem to find anyone else to share your interests. Start a scrapbooking get-together once a week! Try to help you get started.

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