Six Reasons Why Distance Learning Makes Sense

Written by Rose M.

More and more people are finding that knowledge really is power, and that they can accomplish their education goals online.

Best of all, these online learners are finding that degrees from accredited colleges and universities are increasing their earnings potential, giving them greater responsibility in their professions, and best of all – giving themrepparttar chance to accomplish a key goal without completely interrupting their existing lives.

There are many reasons to consider distance-learning programs for your goals. Instructors who have taught distance-learning courses originating inrepparttar 147959 United States to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Europe, report these asrepparttar 147960 top reasons distance learning makes sense:

  • Make a strong future from investing time today - Many of distance learning students are on assignment in foreign countries, and while working full-time on their jobs, they use their evenings and spare time to earn bachelors and masters’ degrees that have a direct impact on their future job opportunities and professional advancement.

  • Certify your knowledge - Many distance learning students have years of experience in their professions, and just lack of college degree that proves their knowledge. Distance learning gives these working professionals a chance to share their in-depth knowledge while atrepparttar 147961 same time earning degrees that illustrate their expertise.

  • Get to your educational goals on your timetable - While distance learning programs have scheduled classes online and you interact with instructors, you can move as quickly as you want through many courses. Likewise, many instructors will work with you if something comes up in your life that takes time away from school.

How to Homeschool without Making Your Child An Outcast

Written by Michael Nelson

If you are currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling your child, you probably know allrepparttar benefits homeschooling can provide. You’ll have more control overrepparttar 147866 curriculum, be able to customize teaching to your child’s personal learning style, and avoidrepparttar 147867 pressures and dangers of public schools. However, are you aware ofrepparttar 147868 major mental and social damage you can cause if you don’t makerepparttar 147869 right choices?

Children need friends. Usually, they meet their friends in school. Take a child out of school, and where will they meet potential play partners? What willrepparttar 147870 other kids think of your homeschooled child? Like it or not, children in public schools often think that homeschooled children are not in public school because of mental disorders, behavioral problems, or “freaky” parents. Your child might be made fun of or picked on because he isn’t considered normal. These challenges must be overcome if you want your child to have a positive social life and be able to function amongst their peers when they get to college.

By deciding to homeschool, it becomesrepparttar 147871 parent’s responsibility to find friendships forrepparttar 147872 child. This task is just as important asrepparttar 147873 actual schoolwork. The following tips will get you started towards placing your child onrepparttar 147874 track of a positive social life.

Know your neighborhood: Start with where you live. How many children close to your child’s age live nearby? Do you knowrepparttar 147875 parents? If not, you need to. Seek out parents nearby. Let them know you have a child that you’d like to set up a play date for. Since you’rerepparttar 147876 one initiating these meetings, you’re alsorepparttar 147877 one who needs to dorepparttar 147878 organizing. Have a party. Hire a clown. Invite allrepparttar 147879 local kids over. Invite other kids and their parents to a ballgame, fishing, bowling, or any other activity that children enjoy. Or even offer to baby-sit.

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