Six Main Things To Consider when buying a reseller hosting package

Written by Abdillahi Abdillahi

Six Main Things To Consider when buying a reseller hosting package

Are you ready to start your own web hosting company? The best way to start your own web hosting company is to get a reseller hosting package from a hosting company and start your web hosting company instantly without buying or installing any softwares.But When buying a reseller hosting package, there are many things to consider . So today this article listsrepparttar six main things you should consider before buying any reseller package .

1: Control Panel and WHW(Web Host Manager)

This one is ranked number one I guess. Make sure you get a control panel , Cpanel isrepparttar 134371 best and widely used control panel for any reseller and non reseller accounts.WHM(Web Host Manger) lets you easily manage your customers and hosting business.It lets you set up , delete , monitor web hosting accounts.

I heard that some companies which offer reseller hosting packages set up accounts for you . You shouldn't go with such companies because You want to manage your customers and Your customers want their own control panel where they can manage their sites.

So you need to make sure that you get Control Panel and WHM withrepparttar 134372 reseller package you get .Also any account you create should get its own control panel without paying any extra $$$.

2: Private Name Servers and Dedicated IP address.

These two are very important if you want to keep people from knowingrepparttar 134373 original hosting company.If you don't have a private name server then you will be usingrepparttar 134374 original hosting company's name servers ,e.g. and ns2.hostingcompany.You don't want people to make a who is search and find out about thatrepparttar 134375 original hosting company . In order to hiderepparttar 134376 original hosting company you must be able to make your own private name servers. Most ofrepparttar 134377 times companies that offer reseller packages give you that but sometimes you need to ask them before making any payment .

Why do you need a dedicated IP address for your site andrepparttar 134378 sites you are going to host? Well here isrepparttar 134379 answer . When you get a reseller hosting package , you don't get a dedicated IP address instead you will have to userepparttar 134380 shared IP address whichrepparttar 134381 company is using .Even though you can hide them with your private name servers but it will be easy to find them ifrepparttar 134382 IP is resolved.There are many tools out there that can be used to find out such things, so wouldn't it be better if you were using an IP address that your site andrepparttar 134383 sites you host will be using instead ofrepparttar 134384 one whichrepparttar 134385 company and millions of their shared hosting customers are using? I'm sure it would be.But getting a dedicated IP address can cost you like $2-$5 per month and as you can see it worths .After all you don't want potential clients to gorepparttar 134386 the original company so make sure you get those two ready for your new hosting company .

3: Quality Customer Support

1 Simple Step Towards Improved Customer Satisfaction for Web Hosts

Written by Toby Wolf

Most of your customers are not unreasonable sort of people. They understand that problems crop up and mistakes do happen. I don't know about you, but I know that I am a MUCH more reasonable customer whenrepparttar company I am purchasing services or products from promptly communicates any problems that arise.

The web is all about communication, so you would assume that any company that makes web hosting its primary business should really understand this and put measures into place that allows forrepparttar 134370 most reliable and uninterrupted communication with their customers. We talked about this a bit in our last article and promised to give you some tips about methods we have implemented to increase our ability to communicate with our customers during emergencies.

Let's face it, there isn't a web host out there who hasn't experienced times whererepparttar 134371 server that their company web site is on has gone down. Sometimes only for a few minutes, but sometimes those minutes can turn into hours - or even days if a major piece of hardware has gone belly up on you. And in most cases, you don't dedicate an entire server to your domain - you have customers who also share that server. Customers who now are not only unable to gain access to THEIR domain, but can not reach yours either. They are effectively cut off from electronic communication with you. So what do they do? How can they find out what is going on with their web site, and more importantly, when it will be back online?

Some hosts, like AlphaOne Technology, have emergency support available by telephone. In that case, (if they can rememberrepparttar 134372 phone number since they can not access your website to findrepparttar 134373 number), they begin calling. And calling. And calling. Usually there are over 100-200 customers hosted on a single server. Do you or your staff really haverepparttar 134374 time to be fielding that many phone calls when you are inrepparttar 134375 middle of a crisis and need to devote your time to fixingrepparttar 134376 problem and gettingrepparttar 134377 server operational? Probably not. Nor do your customers want to spend time on hold or dealing with busy signals. Every minute on hold, or every call that results in a busy signal, leaves a bad impression with that customer. They want to know WHY they are down and they want to know NOW.

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