Six Basic and Simple Ad Tips

Written by Pamela Heywood

For something that is as important as life or death to your online business, I am utterly amazed byrepparttar number of "bad ads" I read daily. Many people need guidance, especially when you are new torepparttar 101129 net, to advertising, to business ... For others, it never does any harm to go over some old ground. So here are some absolutely basic rules ips for writing email and online classifieds - to help you make them more effective.

1. Spell check!

This is so basic, it really should not need saying, but I can't believerepparttar 101130 number of simple typos and spelling errors I see - and they get published as they come, which is not going to give you a professional look nor solicit responses.

Write your ads in a calm moment, check them and check them again, then paste them intorepparttar 101131 ad box. Don't type anywhere you place ads onrepparttar 101132 spur ofrepparttar 101133 moment, because that way you are much more likely to make errors. Write yourself a note in an email to store your ad, then it will always be to hand.

And here's a handy guide for those 65 characters torepparttar 101134 line:


2. URLs

Always putrepparttar 101135 http:// in front of web addresses. In some email programs will not be "clickable" and people will not be able to respond easily. If they have to copy and pasterepparttar 101136 URL into their browser rather than just hitting withrepparttar 101137 mouse, do you reckon they will bother? I don't think so: no- body has time. Give 'em instant gratification, or they'll go elsewhere for it!

3. Email addresses

Likewise, in order to be "clickable" in all email programs, it is advisable to add mailto: atrepparttar 101138 beginning of email addresses. Make it real easy for people to click and chances are, they will.

If you can fit both URL and email into your ads, great. Given a choice of either/or, I'd recommend you go for email. If you can keep people in "email mode" to subscribe, to get more information from an autoresponder, then your response rates will increase as well as giving you a better opportunity to get your message to them over and over again.

4. Write your ads in your own words

If your cloned ad reads exactlyrepparttar 101139 same asrepparttar 101140 one next to it and a million others floating aroundrepparttar 101141 Internet daily, you've just almost guaranteed that it will be lost, forgotten and ignored. You might have been told that it was "tried and tested", but that works only forrepparttar 101142 original advertiser. After that, it's worn out, used, pre-owned!

Banner Ads Suffer, Take Advantage

Written by Dale Sexton

Effectiveness of banners are declining. Most web surfers can spot banners and have trained themselves to ignore them. Cooperation between webpage owner and advertiser is needed to resolve this.

Billions of dollars are spent for website promotion, over 75% is spent on banner ads. Large corporations spent most of this money on branding. For us in small business, only a very small group know how to use banners to there full potential.

-Tips forrepparttar Webpage Owner-

Page design and banner placement are vital for a higher click-through ratio with affiliate banners forrepparttar 101128 webpage owner. If you use banners, build your site around them to get maximum benefit. Why use banners if your not getting some form of payment?

Banner placement withinrepparttar 101129 first screen a user sees will pull higher than those placed further down a web page (requiring a visitor to scroll down to see it). Most banners atrepparttar 101130 top of a page are ignored.

Banners placed 1/3 downrepparttar 101131 page are more effective. Banners (or buttons) placed onrepparttar 101132 lower right side ofrepparttar 101133 screen (nearrepparttar 101134 scroll bar) pull twice as much than banners placed atrepparttar 101135 top ofrepparttar 101136 page.

Do not letrepparttar 101137 banners take your customers from your pages. Have them open up a new window to take them torepparttar 101138 banner site. Userepparttar 101139 'target="_blank"' attribute inrepparttar 101140 link tag to accomplish this.

Pop up banners are a nuisance. Alternative... use 'Pop Under Banners'. Using javascript to openrepparttar 101141 banner inrepparttar 101142 main window, include 'self.focus();' to keeprepparttar 101143 main window on top. The viewer eventually sees your banner and is less annoyed.

If you are using banners for reciprocal linking, give webpage owners a choice of banners and sizes that fit their site and tastes.

Test personalized ad text with affiliates buttons to increase click-through ratio.

-Tips forrepparttar 101144 Advertiser-

Branding banners can add long-term awareness value. They don't lend themselves an immediate click-through response, but are an important overall online brand building strategy.


You must grab your visitors attention in a couple seconds. This is one reason why large banners are ineffective. Visitors will not wait for them to load. Keeprepparttar 101145 banner size less than 10k. Getting attention not only means a fast loading banner, but one that catchesrepparttar 101146 eye.

Animation... if you use it, incorporate horizontal movement. Evolution has engineeredrepparttar 101147 human eye to be sensitive to horizontal motion as a survival trait.

Interactive features (if available) draw curiosity. The FreeLotto banner that allows you to scraperepparttar 101148 tickets is a great interactive banner.

Including text like "click here" to your banner, makes it clear torepparttar 101149 viewer what they are supposed to do. Try a blue border, implyingrepparttar 101150 whole banner is clickable.

The most important word in advertising? F-R-E-E! "Final Offer" or other time dependent phrases may prompt users to click now. Add clickable text below your banner ("Your Link to Happiness").

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