Sitemaps and Hypertext Links: "Food" for Search Engine Robots

Written by Daria Goetsch

Sitemaps and hypertext links are "food" for search engine robots. We will look atrepparttar value of text links for optimal spidering, andrepparttar 128011 importance of using a sitemap in order to help search engine robots reach your website's deeper pages.

Hypertext Links Search engine robots are not terribly sophisticated. They cannot click a button, submit a form, pull down a menu, or perform any other type of online "user interaction" that might be used by a human visitor. Robots are able to indexrepparttar 128012 text on a page and click through hypertext links. For this reason, adding navigational text links to your web pages (often located atrepparttar 128013 bottom ofrepparttar 128014 page) providesrepparttar 128015 search engine robots with another means to click throughrepparttar 128016 links of your web pages when it cannot access these other types of navigation.

No matter how great your JavaScript menu system is,repparttar 128017 search engine robots cannot use it. They can follow "plain old" hyperlinks, and that's about it. Sincerepparttar 128018 ability to move around on your site is vital torepparttar 128019 robots' successful indexing of your content, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to visit all of your pages. Use of text links atrepparttar 128020 bottom of your pages, while hardly cutting-edge, is one ofrepparttar 128021 best ways to make sure thatrepparttar 128022 search engine robots can move around on your site. Be sure to include links to your site's principal pages on allrepparttar 128023 pages in your site. Always remember to put a link to your sitemap page here too.

Sitemaps A sitemap page is a supercharged version ofrepparttar 128024 bottom-of-the-page hypertext links. The sitemap provides "food" for a hungry search engine robot. A sitemap page will at very least have links to all ofrepparttar 128025 major pages on your site. Depending onrepparttar 128026 size of your site, it may actually link to all of your pages. This means that oncerepparttar 128027 robot gets torepparttar 128028 sitemap page, it can visit every page on your entire site. Having all ofrepparttar 128029 content of your site included inrepparttar 128030 search engine database is a good thing: you are much more likely to come-up inrepparttar 128031 search engine results when somebody is performing a search related to your topic.

Optimizing Your Sales Letter

Written by Sean Burns

If you sell a product online, there's a good chance that you have a sales letter for it. Hopefully you've got a great headline that grabs people's attention and then sales copy that statesrepparttar benefits of your product and is designed to convert visitors to customers. There is a good chance that you have an affiliate program for your product and you may even have organized some joint ventures to promote it.

What aboutrepparttar 128010 search engines?

Optimizing sales letters is quite a difficult process and it's something that many people ignore when they set up a site to sell their product. The purpose of a sales letter is to sell a product, not to get traffic. Therefore, they should be written in a way that specifically targets sales. This can often mean thatrepparttar 128011 search engine friendly parts of a page are not targeted. So, what should you do?

The simple answer is that you should not change a sales letter to try to pleaserepparttar 128012 search engines. If you were to do that, you may end up getting more traffic but less sales. Getting phrases that people search for into a sales letter may detract from it's overall message and this will often prove to berepparttar 128013 case if you try to get keywords intorepparttar 128014 key parts of a page.

Popular marketing wisdom would suggest that your headline isrepparttar 128015 single most important part of a sales letter. Unfortunately, it's also quite an important factor forrepparttar 128016 search engines. The first paragraph or two of a sales letter are also very important because they can almost closerepparttar 128017 sale on their own if you grab people's interest. Again, unfortunatelyrepparttar 128018 first paragraph or two of a page are quite important torepparttar 128019 search engines.

If you were to write an article, you could get keywords intorepparttar 128020 headline and first paragraph because they relate torepparttar 128021 article. With a sales letter, using keywords that relate torepparttar 128022 product may not be appropriate because you aren't providing information as such - you are selling something.

Another issue with sales letters is that they do tend to be quite long. Therefore, if you are worried about keyword density, this can cause a problem. Not that you should worry about keyword density too much but it is an issue. If you were targeting a two word phrase, you may have to mention it 100 times or more on your page to getrepparttar 128023 right density. Let's face it, there is a good chance that your letter may look a bit weird if you did that.

Now, there are two methods that you could consider using to get traffic fromrepparttar 128024 search engines. The second one that I discuss here is my personal favorite but using either will have an effect.

Optimize Your Letter

There are areas of a page that are important torepparttar 128025 search engines but will not changerepparttar 128026 overall effectiveness of your sales letter. Therefore, these parts need to be highly optimized to give yourepparttar 128027 best chance of success - considering other important factors will largely be ignored.

Page Title: It is very important that you have a concise and targeted page title. When people visit your sales letter they may well look atrepparttar 128028 page title in their browser but it is your headline that will catch their attention. They won't look atrepparttar 128029 title and say "Nope, not for me". They'll be happy ifrepparttar 128030 title is a short phrase that matches up with what they were looking for and so willrepparttar 128031 search engines.

Keyword Density & Positioning: You can improverepparttar 128032 keyword density of a page by including it in bulleted lists, quotes and highlighted areas. Often, people will put a key part of their sales letter in a box or highlight it to reinforcerepparttar 128033 point. This is where you can get a few keywords in. After an important paragraph in your letter, you can either re-staterepparttar 128034 information or re-word it. Make sure you get keywords in here. It's very important that this is obviously an important point for your reader's benefit. Just re-stating something in another normal paragraph will look strange.

As I mentioned, bulleted lists are useful because they are short and torepparttar 128035 point - they don't have to read like a normal sentence or paragraph. So, make sure your main keyword is included in any bulleted lists - this could be a list of chapters that your book contains (if you are selling a book) or a list ofrepparttar 128036 benefits that your product will bringrepparttar 128037 purchaser.

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