Site Rings and Reciprocal Links

Written by Dale Sexton

When I suggest site rings, some of you will say. "Ho hum...". Add reciprocal links torepparttar equation and tell me what you think. Let me explain.

Make or join a site ring on reciprocal links. It must be more specific than reciprocal links, though. I built mine using 'web resources / reciprocal links'. I want my reciprocal links to be from 'web resources' web sites.

When someone joinsrepparttar 125101 site ring, they agree to make a reciprocal links page. On this page, place all links to members that have already joined. On my site ring, it is onrepparttar 125102 members page and is also emailed to all members. Also placerepparttar 125103 site ring link on this reciprocal links page. In return, their link is added torepparttar 125104 reciprocal links pages of all other members.

The Backbone of All Internet Promotion

Written by Joe Bingham

There is an interesting phenomenon that should really give you some insight as to what you should be doing in terms of promotion.

As an ezine publisher, I really believe I get to see everything. No, I don't know everything, but I do get exposed to everything.

I've noticed a funny thing, however. The Internet is full of "how to promote" manuals, ebooks, reports, programs, email courses, and sites. Often times, I meet up with people that are selling these 'how to promote' items, and guess what it is a lot of them ask me?

That's right, how to promote! How do they get more traffic? What do I think isrepparttar best form of promotion?

Now that's ok, I'm not complaining, but can you see a couple of conclusions that might be drawn from this occurrence?

One, apparently none of these 'how to promote' items have allrepparttar 125100 answers, and two, ezines arerepparttar 125101 answer. That's right, eventually everything and everyone comes torepparttar 125102 ezines.

Where do you see ads for buying guaranteed visitors? In ezines, right? Now if those places could get allrepparttar 125103 visitors they wanted from their own guaranteed visitor service, would they be advertising in ezines?

What about search engines? Where do people learn more about usingrepparttar 125104 search engines? In ezines, right? And even when you find a site through a search engine, what do allrepparttar 125105 successful marketers have on their sites? That's right, a subscription box for their ezine or newsletter.

Basically,repparttar 125106 formula for successful promotion is one, get an email address then referrepparttar 125107 person to your site, OR get them to your site and then ask for an email address.

Now, what'srepparttar 125108 best way to get someone on your email list? Offer them something of value, right?

Ok, so what valuable items can you offer that will give yourepparttar 125109 best repeat contact? Free ebooks give you only one contact with a person. Sending them a free report or auto responder course gets you 1 to maybe 12 contacts with them. Now, how long can you stay in contact if they opt in to your ezine? Sure there isrepparttar 125110 unsubscribe option, but until that is taken contact is unlimited, right?

Now, what about effectiveness in promotion? The best way to promote your business is to get it mentioned in front of people that are actually reading. Now, I know not everybody reads my ezine every time they get it, and in fact some I know signed up for a free ad and have never read it. Oh well, that's their loss.

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