Site Promotion

Written by Byron Hunte

Many people are new torepparttar web and there seems to be a shortfall in basic information aimed at helpingrepparttar 125248 beginner.

Site promotion isrepparttar 125249 key to successfully building up your business onrepparttar 125250 Internet and here are some tips for newcomers that don't cost any money and which took me a considerable time to formulate.

1. Submit site to search engines Here I have learned to avoid autosubmit software programmes and that best results are obtained by submitting *manually* torepparttar 125251 top 10 engines. This way you can accommodate each one's quirks and foibles. It is time consuming but worth it.

2. Submit site to Directories These are different to search engines in that they have their own categories within which enquirers can find a listing ofrepparttar 125252 sites that interest them without necessarily using a search button. In my view, this isrepparttar 125253 way Joe public will look for his information inrepparttar 125254 future and, in my opinion, directories will soon outstrip engines in terms of usage. Pay attention to getting your site listed on as many directories as possible, especiallyrepparttar 125255 Open Directory Project as their database is used by many ofrepparttar 125256 top search engines and directories.

3. Web Rings These are associations of web sites with similar focus. If you join one, you will get a web ring logo atrepparttar 125257 bottom of your site which will allow your visitor to move on to browse all other sites withinrepparttar 125258 ring. Similarly, this will allow visitors to other sites withinrepparttar 125259 ring to find your site and increase your traffic. Some of these rings are huge and others quite tiny. It depends on what sphere you are operating in but, either way, it is another good way to gain additional traffic for your site.

4. E-mail discussion lists I started one for people interested in starting their own web business (which is what my company does) and which can be joined from my site. This is rigorously kept spam free by me (anyone posting ads to it is ejected without trial) and allows venture capitalists, angels, incubators and entrepreneurs to find each other and discuss common experiences and solutions. Sig files are allowed on my list and I have had good hits from my own, especially asrepparttar 125260 members ofrepparttar 125261 list are, by definition, my target audience.

Articles, Articles, Articles!

Written by Chuck McCullough

If you pay attention to only one traffic generating idea, this is it!

Articles are by far my number one traffic generator for my sites at this point. I still workrepparttar other methods, obviously, but writing articles is what I concentrate on.

Why articles?

Because they work so well, but so many are afraid of them.

That's right, afraid. Afraid to write an article because they don't feel they know enough on their chosen topics, or that their grammar won't be perfect, or that their English teacher will pick apart their spelling.

If you feel you don't know enough about a topic you haverepparttar 125247 most powerful research tool at your disposal...the Internet!

Spend time searchingrepparttar 125248 Net and finding information to put into your article. You're not looking to plagiarize anyone's work but rather to learn more aboutrepparttar 125249 subject.

This research can reward you in many ways:

The knowledge you gain will enable you to write your article, or several articles.

The more you learn about your topicrepparttar 125250 more you become a trusted resource to your visitors and subscribers.

Keep a file withrepparttar 125251 links that you visit and find valuable and you can write another article with just links to great places to visit related to that topic. You can also use these to create a links page on your site.

If you are worried about grammar and spelling just paste your article into Microsoft Word and userepparttar 125252 suggestions that it provides. Better yet, have someone you know read through it for you and make corrections.

Take your time with your article. There is no deadline for getting your article ready so don't feel pressured. Work on it a little bit at a time. The more effort you put into itrepparttar 125253 more reward you will get from it.

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