Site Personalization With PHP

Written by Robert Plank

Your HTML files can work as PHP scripts.

Take any HTML file you have and rename it to a PHP extension. (So for example, if your HTML file is named sales.html, rename it to sales.php).

Put sales.php on your web server and run it in your browser. You getrepparttar exact same result as you did withrepparttar 118031 HTML page. Now, forrepparttar 118032 good part.

Say you wanted to personalize one of your sales pages. Let's call that sales.php. Now, if you had a newsletter or wanted to give this "personalized link" to someone, your visitor's name could be added on-the-fly to your sales page.

Your link should look something like this:

Let's try it out: utorials/1/example.php?f=Myfirstname

Click that link and your name should be nearrepparttar 118033 top ofrepparttar 118034 page.)

In this example, represents your domain name and sales.php your HTML file turned PHP script. This would berepparttar 118035 link you could give Big Bird when you ask him to visit your sales page.

Now, edit sales.php and find where you want Big Bird's name to appear. The first and last names are given torepparttar 118036 script separately so you could have anything from "Hi Big Bird!" to "Dear Mr. Bird..." For simplicity let's just stick with showing bothrepparttar 118037 first and last names for now.

Insert this anywhere into your "script":

Now try that sample link I gave you earlier on that sales page of yours. You should seerepparttar 118038 phrase "Big Bird" anywhere on your page.

Remember that you can stick this in anywhere onrepparttar 118039 page. So for example if you wanted it to say "Dear Big Bird," you would just do this (withrepparttar 118040 comma atrepparttar 118041 end):

Dear ,

If you wanted to show onlyrepparttar 118042 first name, use instead. The same applies torepparttar 118043 last name.

Dreamweaver vs FrontPage

Written by Oleg Lazarenko

There are two major WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editors available for beginners. These are: Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Sorepparttar question is which one is better?

This article is not intended to humiliate Dreamweaver or FrontPage editors. I just attempted to analyze both programs from different points, based on Internet research, experience of other users and my years of html coding experience.

To say honest I am notrepparttar 118030 fan both of them. In our production we regularly use AceHtmlPro butrepparttar 118031 fact is that many of our customers DO use either FrontPage or Dreamweaver and that'srepparttar 118032 reason our employee have to be familiar with both. Writingrepparttar 118033 article I have talked to our stuff and did some research about both editors and I came up withrepparttar 118034 facts I'd like to share with you.

Pluses and minuses of MS FrontPage:

1. FrontPage as all Microsoft product has so many templates and ready to use solutions that you cannot admit it is easier for beginner to start using FrontPage to build his first website. You can create simple website personal or business with several clicks and all you will need to do next is to enter your text and pictures instead of used by FrontPage by default.

2. The good news is FrontPage html pages look exactly as they appear in MS Explorer andrepparttar 118035 bad news is that they look perfect ONLY in MS Explorer. However you may program FrontPage to get rid of nasty tags but I believe it requires some hand coding to adjust pages to Netscape or Opera. Another good news for FrontPage users: about 93% of all internet clients use MS Explorer 5 and higher.

3. As Microsoft application FrontPage is better with ASP pages, which are standard for Windows based hosting and windows based programming.

4. MS FrontPage perfectly interacts with other MS Office products. For example you can easily cut and paste some chart from MS Excel into FrontPage working area.

5. By default MS FrontPage uses table withrepparttar 118036 fixed width and sometimes it can be a problem to make it display tables with percentage width.

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