Site Bread and Butter work – The Web and Graphic Designer’s loss of EASY dollars

Written by Alec Ellis

Withrepparttar provision of a local ‘Control Panel’, on your computer ready to adjustrepparttar 134423 slightest of web site changes, additions or corrections; Web Designers or even traditional Graphic Designers can use, web hosting company,’s newest creation to bring in extra income; to reverse that loss of EASY dollars.

What is it that website clients really want from their web designers?

Afterrepparttar 134424 creation of a client’s website,repparttar 134425 web designer usually goes away hoping thatrepparttar 134426 client will not destroy his design, believing they will; after he has pointedrepparttar 134427 client to FrontPage or Dreamweaver to maintain it. Web site clients do not really want to maintain or update their websites, most businesses have not gotrepparttar 134428 time to ‘play’ around, they just wantrepparttar 134429 site finished and updated from time to time.

This is exactly what happens with traditional Graphic Designers; clients want to know that from time to time they can come back and update, or change totally,repparttar 134430 content withoutrepparttar 134431 general design changing; quickly, and for a regular price, not a one off higher price as they were charged forrepparttar 134432 original job.

As a graphic or web designer, you will be inrepparttar 134433 position to offer your clients web hosting. They trust your decisions and love your work, but they don’t really want to start something with you, then have to deal with someone independent to run their website, or update it or change it in anyway, after you have finished and left them. If you could host them under your own web hosting account (with a multiple website hosting account) and control yours and their websites all fromrepparttar 134434 same control panel on your own account, you would be offering yet another regular client service.

You can charge them for web hosting, which they will have had to do anyway, but for a better price and more resources than their previous web host; and you can earn more by doing ‘web’ bread and butter work, as you have been doing for years as a Designer. This bread and butter work, as most Designers know, is a very substantial part of a studio’s income, and withrepparttar 134435 use ofrepparttar 134436 control panel, can be approached as just another design ‘service’ provided to your regular clients.

How I Host My New DOT-COM Domains For Free!

Written by Michael Hopkins

When it comes to selling online, one thing is certain: a small focused website that features just one lead product will far outsell a big website that features lots of products and links.

By focusing on just one product, you avoid distracting your visitors or forcing them to make decisions. That way, they'll takerepparttar time to study your product and repparttar 134422 chances of making a sale are vastly increased.

I can seerepparttar 134423 evidence for this in my own business. Whilerepparttar 134424 main company website ( continues to bring in a steady stream of sales, it's actuallyrepparttar 134425 individual websites for each ofrepparttar 134426 ebooks that are responsible forrepparttar 134427 lion's share of orders.

The problem, however, with having one website for every single ebook is that it adds a lot of extra overheads. In general you're looking at minimum $100 for any kind of webhosting and somewhere between $8 and $35 for a domain name.

These are not huge figures, but let's face it, costs are costs and if you're in business you want to keep them as low as possible.

That's why I felt it was worth sharing with you my little 'trick' for setting up brand new websites for justrepparttar 134428 price of a domain name.

This week I launched a new website for our ebook publishing guide "You Step By Step Guide to Success On The Internet". The TOTAL cost to set up this new website ( was just $8.97!

So how did I manage that?

Firstly, it's worth noting that I use an excellent hosting service for my main website One ofrepparttar 134429 many features they include for just $9.95/month isrepparttar 134430 ability to create your own sub-domains (

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