Sirius Radio - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Written by Nick Smith

Sirius radio, or more generally satellite radio, came out just a few years ago. If youíve never listened to satellite radio or heard about it, this article is your lucky break. In this article youíll find out what satellite radio is and how it works.

What Is Satellite Radio?

Just likerepparttar name indicates, satellite radio uses satellites and related equipment to broadcast radio channels to car or home radios. The concept really received its impetus in 1992 whenrepparttar 133369 FCC set aside a chunk of radio frequency for what they called Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS). Five years later, Sirius Radio and XM Satellite Radio purchased licenses fromrepparttar 133370 FCC, and both companies started puttingrepparttar 133371 pieces into place to be able to start broadcasting.

Conventional radio waves can only travel 35 to 45 miles before they die out. The signal for satellite radio services is broadcast more than 20,000 miles aboverepparttar 133372 Earthís surface. Programming on satellite radio is subscriber based, meaning you pay a monthly fee to descramblerepparttar 133373 signal fromrepparttar 133374 satellites. But, most satellite radio service comes commercial free, so you donít have to worry about channel hopping. Channels include music, talk radio, sporting events, kids programs, and news.

The Whoís Who of Satellite Radio

There are currently three major players inrepparttar 133375 satellite radio game: Sirius radio, XM satellite radio, and WorldSpace. Sirius radio covers North America, includingrepparttar 133376 continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska. XM provides service inrepparttar 133377 continental U.S. WorldSpace is developing coverage in other parts ofrepparttar 133378 world (Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America) and are definitelyrepparttar 133379 most ambitious in terms of client coverage (a potential of 4.6 billion clients covered on 5 different continents). Each company uses different satellite technology and methods to provide service in their respective areas.

Satellite radio equipment, such as car receivers and home stereos, are sold at a variety of consumer electronic stores, and are starting to become standard installations in new cars. Conventional radios cannot receive satellite radio transmissions, so picking uprepparttar 133380 service usually entails purchasing a receiver, though some kits are available to make conventional radios satellite-radio compatible.

Pros and Cons of Using FREE Software in Your Business

Written by Cavyl Stewart

Itís easy to understand why you might be drawn torepparttar allure of free software. After all, it is free and free is always a good price to pay. But before you plunk down your hard-earned no money and possibly put your business at risk, considerrepparttar 133368 following.

Most ofrepparttar 133369 free software that you will find is not supported. There will be no one atrepparttar 133370 other end ofrepparttar 133371 software. What does this mean to you and your business? It means that if you have a technical support issue and you need help fast, that help will be hard to find, if you are able to find help at all.

Some ofrepparttar 133372 more popular free software does have available user supported help groups. These are groups of users who congregate out there in Cyberspace and are sporadically available to provide assistance to others. You can always try to send an email message torepparttar 133373 developer if you can findrepparttar 133374 developer. But because of its very nature as a FREE item, no one is under any obligation to help you with your issue, quickly or otherwise.

Itís also important that you understandrepparttar 133375 motivation behind developing free software. First, there are some programmers who just have too much time on their hands. These individuals will just create free software to give them something to do. Programmers are notorious problem-solvers, and creating software is a great way to accomplish this.

Some developers create software and offer it for free out ofrepparttar 133376 goodness of their heart. Hard to believe in this day and age, but it happens. And there are other programmers who get a feeling of altruism when they create software. They offer it for free with repparttar 133377 hopes thatrepparttar 133378 masses will marvel at their creation.

Other software developers, notably inrepparttar 133379 Linux world, write and distribute free software under GNU or Open Source licenses. And some of these packages are popular, mainstream and 100% free. The workhorse, Apache Server software program, is a good example of this.

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