Sir William Crookes and Home

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

You may have heard aboutrepparttar media coverage ofrepparttar 127627 Wright Brother’s flight and how it took three years before Scientific American stopped trying to debunk it. You may already know aboutrepparttar 127628 early 20th Century Patent Office Official who declared ‘everything that could be discovered was discovered’. You may even know aboutrepparttar 127629 Paris Academy of Sciences official who throttledrepparttar 127630 presenter ofrepparttar 127631 phonograph claiming he was a ventriloquist. These things are funny in a way, but they are not unusual. Unfortunately you are going to have to think if you read this book. You will have to ask yourself how stupid we have been to allow a lot of lies to pass for truth.

Sir William Crookes – Generalist Deemed Weird:

“The Chemist Sir William Crookes Proved Survival With Repeatable Experiments Under Laboratory Conditions - by Michael Roll

Adrian Berry,repparttar 127632 science correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, says that few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena, because if confirmed, "the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

This statement is not correct because nothing can threaten science -repparttar 127633 Latin name for seeking after knowledge. The only thing that is threatened by uncomfortable discoveries in physics are pseudo-scientists. Their reputations will be destroyed immediately ordinary people find out that Sir William Crookes proved that we all surviverepparttar 127634 death of our physical bodies with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions.

Following this revolutionary discovery in 1874 this outstanding British scientist was knighted, made President ofrepparttar 127635 Royal Society, and King Edward VII gave himrepparttar 127636 highest decoration inrepparttar 127637 land - The Order of Merit.

Sir William Crookes was able to wiperepparttar 127638 floor with contemporary professional wreckers who dared to attack him. The following is how he dealt with Professor W.B. Carpenter, a biologist from London University, who made a very unfair and anonymous attack upon him inrepparttar 127639 'Quarterly Review'. Carpenter had been unfortunate enough to describe Crookes as "a specialist of specialists".

‘My greatest crime (he wrote in his reply to Carpenter's diatribe inrepparttar 127640 'Quarterly Journal of Science') seems to be that I am a 'specialist of specialists'. It is indeed news to me that I have confined my attention only to one special subject. Will my reviewer kindly say what that subject is? Is it General Chemistry, whose chronicler I have been sincerepparttar 127641 commencement ofrepparttar 127642 Chemical News in 1859? Is it Thallium, about whichrepparttar 127643 public have probably heard as much as they care for? Is it Chemical Analysis, in which my recently published Select Methods arerepparttar 127644 result of twelve years work?

Is it disinfection andrepparttar 127645 'Prevention and Cure of Cattle Plague', my published report on which may be said to have popularized Carbolic Acid?

Is it Photography, onrepparttar 127646 theory and practice of which my papers have been very numerous? Is it Metallurgy of Gold and Silver, in which my discovery ofrepparttar 127647 value of Sodium inrepparttar 127648 amalgamation process in now largely used in Australia, California and South America?

Is it Physical Optics, in which department I have space only to refer to papers of some Phenomena of Polarized Light, published before I was twenty one; to my detailed description ofrepparttar 127649 Spectroscope and labours with this instrument, when it was almost unknown in England; to my papers onrepparttar 127650 Solar and Terrestrial Spectra; to my examination ofrepparttar 127651 Optical Phenomena of Opals, and construction ofrepparttar 127652 Spectrum Microscope; to my papers onrepparttar 127653 Luminous Intensity of Light; and my description of my Polarization Photometer?

Or is it my speciality Astronomy and Meteorology, in as much as I was for twelve months atrepparttar 127654 Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, where, in addition to my principal employment of arrangingrepparttar 127655 meteorological department, I divided my leisure between Homer and Mathematics at Magdelen Hall, Planet-hunting and transit tracking with Mr. Pogson, now Principal ofrepparttar 127656 Madras Observatory, and celestial photography withrepparttar 127657 magnificent heliometer attached torepparttar 127658 Observatory? My photographs ofrepparttar 127659 Moon, taken in 1855, at Mr. Hartnup's Observatory, Liverpool, were for yearsrepparttar 127660 best extant, and I was honoured by a money grant fromrepparttar 127661 Royal Society to carry out further work in connection with them. These facts, together with my trip to Oran last year, as one ofrepparttar 127662 Government Eclipse Expedition, andrepparttar 127663 invitation recently received to visit Ceylon forrepparttar 127664 same purpose, would almost seem to show that Astronomy was my speciality. In truth, few scientific people are less open torepparttar 127665 charge of being a 'specialist of specialists'.’

There is a vast conspiracy to make sure exciting scientific discoveries never come torepparttar 127666 attention ofrepparttar 127667 general public. Genuine scientists are banned from supportingrepparttar 127668 work of Sir William Crookes inrepparttar 127669 press and on every radio and television programme that is made onrepparttar 127670 so-called paranormal. People are only allowed access torepparttar 127671 views of "experts" who can be relied upon to playrepparttar 127672 Establishment game - suppress anything that could embarrassrepparttar 127673 orthodox scientists who holdrepparttar 127674 reins of power.

Nobody is allowed to balancerepparttar 127675 opinions and conclusions of these self-styled experts onrepparttar 127676 "paranormal". These professional wreckers have unrestricted access to all media outlets, while my colleagues and I have been refused permission to write and broadcast by almost every editor and producer that we have approached. The British people are not allowed to hearrepparttar 127677 secular scientific case for survival after death in this "free" country of ours!

Recent discoveries in subatomic physics confirm that Sir William Crookes was correct in his conclusions, and that he was not a liar, cheat, crank, a fraud or a sex maniac as we have been criminally led to believe. His only "crime" was to tellrepparttar 127678 truth.” (1)

Do we need to allowrepparttar 127679 matter in our bodies dictaterepparttar 127680 relationship we have withrepparttar 127681 air around us as well asrepparttar 127682 earth that this matter sends photonic pulses of energy from to effect what we call gravity? Needless to say 'levitation' and 'people who can fly' or walk through walls likerepparttar 127683 book Marcus Bach's son Richard wrote (called 'Illusions') do document many fantastic 'possibilities' in fiction; aren't normal. Does this ability entitle one to be named a saint? Theresa of Avila and St. John ofrepparttar 127684 Cross are interesting studies in how to become a saint. Let's read a little about a man who was able to do this in front of scientist/investigators who knewrepparttar 127685 ways of 'mind-fogging' or projected hallucinations, from Reader's Digest:

"Home inrepparttar 127686 AIR

The medium Daniel Dunglas Home was observed to levitate numerous times over a period of 40 years and was never discovered in any fraud. The first account of his unusual ability was given F. L. Burr, editor ofrepparttar 127687 'Hartford Times':

‘Suddenly, without any expectation onrepparttar 127688 part ofrepparttar 127689 company (or on Home's part - he was 19 years old, and this was his first, involuntary experience of levitation) Home was taken up inrepparttar 127690 air. I had hold of his hand atrepparttar 127691 time and I felt his feet - they were lifted a foot fromrepparttar 127692 floor! He palpitated from head to foot withrepparttar 127693 contending emotions of joy and fear which choked his utterances. Again and again he was taken fromrepparttar 127694 floor, andrepparttar 127695 third time he was taken torepparttar 127696 ceiling ofrepparttar 127697 apartment (the Connecticut home of Ward Cheney, a silk manufacturer), with which his hands and feet came into gentle contact.’

Mystical Physicists

Written by Robert Bruce Baird



By Robert Bruce Baird


“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation. – Herbert Spencer”

Albert Einstein - "We are seeking forrepparttar simplest possible scheme of thought that will bind togetherrepparttar 127626 observed facts."

"If we do not expectrepparttar 127627 unexpected, we will never find it." – Heraclitus

"Human beings, by changingrepparttar 127628 inner attitudes of their minds, can changerepparttar 127629 outer aspects of their lives." - William James

"I feel that if we could be serious for an hour and really fathom, delve into ourselves as much as we can, we should be able to release, not through any action of will, a certain sense of energy that is awake allrepparttar 127630 time, which is beyond thought." – Jiddhu Krishnamurti, Madras, 1961

Heraclitus: "… concededrepparttar 127631 existence of an over-riding, all-encompassing unity, in whichrepparttar 127632 apparently contradictory opposites are all linked to one another, in a single, regular, cohesive system of balanced, harmonious measure and just order."

“Consciousness is a singular of whichrepparttar 127633 plural is unknown. There is only one thing, and that which seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing, produced by a deception,repparttar 127634 Indian maya, as in a gallery of mirrors.” – Erwin Schrödinger

I think this means that allrepparttar 127635 talk about anomalous or truthful science is a bunch of you know what fromrepparttar 127636 ego of man. We are 'connected' and our real self is not our ego. I am also ofrepparttar 127637 opinion that he sees something I think isrepparttar 127638 nature of reality aboutrepparttar 127639 personality that some insist continues in such things as past-life regressions. Yes, perhaps through limbo and obsessions some things stay in this materially focused frame of reference (I have performed exorcisms) but when we are reborn all those memories of other lives are memories of a collective oversoul not anything like an individual soul. Maya and samsara orrepparttar 127640 'busy-mind' do indeed deceive as he says - and though a few will gain great insight intorepparttar 127641 plural they will still be far from totally informed. Thus we must be open to all possibilities.

“Inherent to wave mechanics arerepparttar 127642 mechanisms of wave superposition and parallel and non-linear information processing. And these mechanisms, which are also affected and regulated byrepparttar 127643 laws of thermodynamics, are responsible for information growth andrepparttar 127644 evolution of biological matter. Information begets information.” – Laurent from Gaithersburg, Maryland.


Our reason (philosophy), should concern our 'selves' withrepparttar 127645 field of metaphysics. Metaphysics isrepparttar 127646 study of three entities:repparttar 127647 ‘individual being’,repparttar 127648 universe or what we call reality and what lies beyondrepparttar 127649 universe. Metaphysics isrepparttar 127650 study of how and whyrepparttar 127651 ‘individual being’,repparttar 127652 universe, and what lies beyondrepparttar 127653 universe interact with each other. Metaphysics isrepparttar 127654 study of whether or not all three, or for that matter if any ofrepparttar 127655 three, exist. Metaphysics isrepparttar 127656 study of how and whyrepparttar 127657 three interact, if in fact they do exist. Metaphysics isrepparttar 127658 pondering overrepparttar 127659 questions: Where are we? What are we? Why do we exist? It could be argued that Descartes was one of its more prominent figures with his initiation ofrepparttar 127660 concept of ‘knowing’, of existing, when he said ‘Cogito, ergo sum’ (I think, therefore I am). Or, as Popeye said "I yam wut I Yam".

There are many people who are secure inrepparttar 127661 knowledge that all is right withrepparttar 127662 world and they feel good about how they personally think about themselves and their soul. I confess I have a lot of confidence but I am not so certain about whatrepparttar 127663 human experience really entails. I see so much more allrepparttar 127664 time. The opening of each door seems to lead to there being more doors and more books to write therefore. The people who are sure of god being in heaven or those who have boughtrepparttar 127665 ‘world of seems to be’ may not like this honest expression of what might be real; but they should know that most ofrepparttar 127666 physicists sense there is a lot more than even they know. I loverepparttar 127667 quantum physicists for allrepparttar 127668 wondrous soulful things they seem to be able to explain better than me in so many ways. I can hope that a few readers will be those who do not believe inrepparttar 127669 soul and that after reading this they will be less certain but I do not encourage belief orrepparttar 127670 closure of possibilities it brings. There are many ways that illusions of separation cause transient errors made byrepparttar 127671 ego orrepparttar 127672 persona (Greek for mask) worn by actors during a momentary diversion called life.

In fact I do not think ofrepparttar 127673 soul as continuing beyond this event horizon or material body with anything that ego or personality contains although I do think some ofrepparttar 127674 elemental energy in a limbo state can impact on these reported re-incarnations with something like that untilrepparttar 127675 person grows or harmonizes enough to move on. Religious I am not, for certain; mystic I can be at times I suppose; but mostly I observe likerepparttar 127676 alchemists who developedrepparttar 127677 scientific method.

A neuroscience forum which I was invited to has had many people respond to various postings without identifying themselves. I think some of that is because they have a reputation to protect or job they value. Here is one such response to a thread I started.

“Science is reductionist whereas mysticism is broadly integrative. It would seem that science and mysticism occupy anti-podal positions. They are both concerned with truth, yet go about it differently. Science seeks to objectively and mathematically describe truth, whereas mysticism seeks to experience truth. Science and mysticism are flip sides ofrepparttar 127678 same coin. The greatest scientists have invariantly been deeply mystical. I'm tempted to say thatrepparttar 127679 greatest mystics have invariantly been deeply scientific, or at least had an appreciation for science, but this I'm less certain of.”

I responded by saying I agreed and that I was certainrepparttar 127680 sages or greatest scientists were indeed very spiritual. One of those sages is David Bohm (Whose Holographic Universe has many adherents atrepparttar 127681 Yerkes Primate Center where hard physiological proofs are found.) and here is a little of how he approached physics.

“In an interview in 1989 atrepparttar 127682 Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, where Bohm presented his views, Bohm spoke on his theory of wholeness andrepparttar 127683 implicate order. The conversation centered around a new worldview that is developing in part ofrepparttar 127684 Western world, one that places more focus on wholeness and process than analysis of separate parts. Bohm explainedrepparttar 127685 basics ofrepparttar 127686 theory of relativity and its more revolutionary offspring, quantum theory. Either theory, if carried out to its extreme, violates every concept on which we base our understanding of reality. Both challenge our notions of our world and ourselves.

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