Simply Your Life by Saying No

Written by Myrtis Smith

The average person lives a very cluttered life. We have too much "stuff" in our homes, too many commitments on our calendars, and our kids are involved in too many activities. All of this clutter is weighing us down. Things need to be organized and cleaned, planned and prepped for; its no mystery why people are so stressed.

Even scarier isrepparttar fact that we continue to add more. We buy more things that we donít have room to store, we volunteer for more committees, and we let junior find another sport to play.

The ideal solution to this predicament would be to advise you to spend some time clearing space in your life. Take a weekend and declutter your house. Reduce all of your involvement torepparttar 101939 3 things that support your goalsrepparttar 101940 most. And limit your children to 2 activities each. Somehow, I think that advice would fall on deaf ears. Instead I entreat you to simplify your life by refusing to take on any more activities. The word No can be very empowering.

There are 3 ways to say No:

1. No. This isrepparttar 101941 simplest method. Whenever someone asks you to do something nicely say No. No explanations are needed. No is a complete sentence. This also includes saying No to yourself when youíre out shopping and looking to start new projects. You must be consistent.

Time to Upgrade Your Friends?

Written by Myrtis Smith

There is a saying that goes something like this: The person you are today is a direct by-product ofrepparttar books you read andrepparttar 101938 people you hang out with. If you are not where you want to be in life, it might be time to upgrade your friends. Take this simple quiz to see"

1. Are your friends generally on time for get-togethers? 2. Are any of your friends onrepparttar 101939 road to financial independence? 3. Do you have any friends who own their own business (or have aspirations to do so)? 4. Would you ever consider trading lives with any of your friends? 5. Are your friends "happy"? 6. Do any of your friends have clear goals they are working towards?

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