Simply Weight Loss -- Losing Weight is Easy if You Stop Dieting

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System recently published their findings from a 21 state study with over 112,000 participants on how weight loss methods affect dieter's success.

Each participant was placed into one of four categories based onrepparttar weight control method they used.

1. Increasing physical activity

2. Eating fewer calories

3. Combination of fewer calories with exercise

4. None (not trying to lose weight)

For those who were trying to lose weight,repparttar 143256 most common weight practices were eating fewer calories without other methods (32.3% of women, 24.1% of men) and eating fewer calories with exercise (33.8% of women, 19.9% of men).

Increasing physical activity as a sole weight-loss practice was reported by 3.4% of women and 4% of men.

The last statistic on exercising without dieting is where I get lost. It's hard for me to understand how only 3% of women and 4% of men use exercise as their sole weight loss practice. Is anything wrong with this?

Yes, we are wrong. The entire weight loss industry is wrong!

It all reminds me of a slogan from a few years ago, "Simply Weight Loss." It represented a return to diet basics. And that's when it hit me, a return to diet basics is what is wrong.

Dieting is Wrong

You're too heavy and you need to lose weight. The extra pounds pushing you above your ideal weight, resulted from a chronic state of positive energy balance...eating more calories (energy) thanrepparttar 143257 body needs.

This is usually followed byrepparttar 143258 question, "Why doesn't my body just get rid ofrepparttar 143259 extra energy?" I totally agree. Just get rid of all that extra energy, send it on it's way. Unfortunately,repparttar 143260 laws of thermodynamics are what mess things up.

Gaining Weight -- Your Real Weight Problem

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

Gaining Weight

This is your real problem. Not losing weight but gaining it is why we are faced with an obesity epidemic. Forget weight loss diets, you need a weight gain prevention diet.

But what aboutrepparttar excess weight you have now? Of course you have to lose weight, but it's how you lose it that can makerepparttar 143255 difference between keeping weight off and regaining it all back.

Lose weight and prevent weight gain atrepparttar 143256 same time, that's your goal.

Weight Gain

There are two types of weight gain...

Natural Weight Gain (age related)

As we age it's natural to gain weight. The main process involves a slowing of your metabolism due to a loss of muscle tissue. You knowrepparttar 143257 old saying, "Use it or lose it."

This is why keeping your muscles toned and strong is so important. When muscle is tones,repparttar 143258 nervous system constantly stimulates it at a higher rate. This means you need to expend more energy even at rest to keeprepparttar 143259 muscle tissue from becoming fatigued.

Flabby muscle has very little nerve stimulation at rest. This results in a slower metabolism and possibly weight gain inrepparttar 143260 future.

Bottom line...keep your muscles toned and strong and weight will not be an issue for you.

Weight Re-gain

This is weight gained immediately after dieting. It is inevitable unless you stay onrepparttar 143261 diet. Diets today promote fast weight loss so that you see and feel results in a short period of time. They get praised for doing a great job and you feel great about yourself.

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