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Written by Holly Janion

I hadn't planned on writing an article today, but after coming across this fantastic site and redesigning all my own stores, I was so impressed, I just had to share it with you. I have discoveredrepparttar best way to build an-online store, sellingrepparttar 109037 products my customers want, withrepparttar 109038 look and feel I want, absolutely free.

If you have a web site and want to include a storefront, you have two options.

1. Build your own store with a shopping cart script, using a merchant account, paying for your stock upfront and either fulfilling it yourself or using a drop ship company.

2. Use an outside resource which allows you to customiserepparttar 109039 look and feel of your store, selling their products and earn commission on either sales or referrals.

I have used both of these and to be perfectly honest,repparttar 109040 first method was a nightmare. Building your own store is what you need to do if your sole business is your store, which mine isn't. Carryingrepparttar 109041 stock, tracking orders and fulfilment are difficult enough but to spend time on this when it is not necessary, is just pointless.

The second option is to use an outside resource who have tried and tested systems already in place to provide your customers with an excellent service. There are various companies onrepparttar 109042 net that will let you customiserepparttar 109043 look and feel of your new store, add products etc. When your customers order, they will handle everything for you and simply pay any commission due as per your sign-up agreement. This is obviously much easier, especially ifrepparttar 109044 store is only an added-value service you are offering and notrepparttar 109045 main focus of your business.

I have tried using a few of these other store services which are also very good and useful, but I was never completely happy until I discovered Affinia. Wow! What a product and so easy to use. For example, on my WWW Treasure Hunt site at, I wanted a store filled with treasure related items. My visitors are interested in treasure hunting so this makes sense. By supplying your customers with what they are already interested in,repparttar 109046 more likely you are to make a sale. Before I used this service, I had to includerepparttar 109047 usual products which could be found anywhere, on anyone's site and hoped my customers would be interested in buying these other goods such as toys or flowers, but now I have a store filled with products my customers want and need, withrepparttar 109048 look and feel of my site and Affinia do allrepparttar 109049 work for me. If you have a site about flower arranging, you can choose products that will specifically be of interest to your visitors andrepparttar 109050 same goes for any other theme.


Written by windsong

In determining what to sell on your website, you have several options and their variations available to you. You could sell your own product, or you could sell someone else's product. You could sell just one product, or you could sell many. Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages.

Some ofrepparttar "experts" say to only sell one product and spend your time promoting that product. I rather likerepparttar 109036 old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket. My personal preference would be to sell a line of related products. This option opens uprepparttar 109037 perfect senario and justification for doorway pages to your site. The biggest advantage is that it keepsrepparttar 109038 door open to repeat sales from your current customers.

It seems to me that if you only sell one product that you are limitingrepparttar 109039 size of your potential audience, as well asrepparttar 109040 potential for repeat sales. (unless, of course, you are selling a consumable product.) If you have a line of products, or even if you choose some unrelated products, it seems to broadenrepparttar 109041 range of your targeted audience. However, I do see whererepparttar 109042 "experts" are coming from. You can sell more of a product if you spend more time promoting it. Their theory, I think is that you spread yourself too thin when you are promoting many.

If you are selling only one product, it requires that you continually find new customers. Once your customers have purchased your product, they are no longer 'prospective' customers. However, if you have a line of products, then your established customers become a very valuable asset. If they are happy with their purchase, they are likely to buy from you again. And again.

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