Simple ways to keep that spark in your relationship

Written by Johann Erickson

Even with our busy lives today we can still keep romance alive and our relationship going strong. The main thing is too not let yourself and your partner get into a rut.

Let them know that you love them in words and actions. A small kiss onrepparttar cheek before going to work, a note onrepparttar 137955 rear view mirror of their car, a small candy kiss placed beside their laptop withrepparttar 137956 simple words “I love you”. Just stopping on your way in from work to pick some wild flowers alongrepparttar 137957 road is a small way to let them know that you were thinking about them and love them. What about making time to get up earlier just one day to bring them coffee in bed before you both have to get ready for work? These are very simple ways to say how you feel.

If you are in a rut, plan a getaway. If you can not afford a cruise or a vacation at this time, create a special picnic and go torepparttar 137958 lake or park. Inrepparttar 137959 basket bring things like a bottle of wine, cheese and chocolates. Just laying in each others arms beside a lake or river can get you out ofrepparttar 137960 rut and back onrepparttar 137961 right track.

Make time to listen. All of us have a need to talk to and have an understanding shoulder to lean on. Men and women alike have this need. We all have stress that builds up and if no one is listening then you may decide you need to make changes in your life. You do not want your partner believing thatrepparttar 137962 change is leaving you because you did not takerepparttar 137963 time to listen.

Plan your future together. Remember when you were first dating and you both had all these dreams and ambitions, where did they go? They are probably still there but are being buried because of allrepparttar 137964 pressures that you both now feel. Sit down and talk about what has changed and how your goals and ambitions are today and plan how you can attain these couples as a couple. Planning your future together will fun and exciting.

How Being Intentional Makes You Happy

Written by Lisa Martin, PCC

"Inspiration does not beget action. Action begets inspiration." - Chinese Proverb

This proverb succinctly sums uprepparttar power of intention. Nothing happens, nothing changes without intended action.

An intention can best be described as an aim guiding an action. What you intend, what you truly focus your energy on, will in some form be realized. The thought alone will not makerepparttar 137900 intention come true--rather,repparttar 137901 outcome will be influenced by your desire combined with action steps, small or large. Clear, achievable intentions lead to transformation.

When you are clear on your intentions, your expectations become realistic and achievable. That leads to less disappointment and more happiness. How many times have you found yourself wishing you'd done things differently? That party you planned just didn't come off exactly as you'd hoped. Your presentation did not haverepparttar 137902 desired effect. Your holiday was fun but it was not all you had hoped it would be.

If you want things to turn out in your favor start becoming more intentional. Here are three ways to support you to take intended action.

1. Know What You Want

As Steven Covey says "start withrepparttar 137903 end in mind." Whenever you are about to embark on new adventure ask yourself what you want it to look like. Get a clear picture in your mind. If you are thinking about booking your next holiday visualize what you truly desire...the location,repparttar 137904 weather,repparttar 137905 experience,repparttar 137906 connections with people and how you will spend your time. Ask yourself, "What is my overall intention for this vacation."

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